Episode #000 Introduction // Why I decided to start a parenting podcast

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Starting a podcast wasn’t exactly on my radar, but in this introduction episode, I share why I decided to start a parenting podcast. I’ve got so many questions for other parents, and in this podcast series, I’ll share the interviews I have with others as we aim to strengthen families beyond good intentions.

Why I started a parenting podcast

Above is me getting all excited to hear ideas from others to help my family become stronger!

Why I decided to start a parenting podcast.

I think we all go through spurts of living in survival mode with our parenting. There are so many things calling for our attention, and sometimes we are just TIRED!  We only have a few years with these kids within our close circumference, and good intentions just aren’t good enough for me anymore. I need to take some action and the best way for me to learn is directly from others.  Not because I have all the answers, but because I’m seeking them in every conversation I have, and I want to bring those questions to you. I’m on the mission to be better, and I’d love you to join me!


I’ll be updating the Beyond Good Intentions home page here on my website each week.  I will list the most recent interviews and you can listen right here!   I will also be sharing each episode in my newsletter and on social media.  Subscribing on a podcast is the best way to listen if you are a regular podcast listener. If you are new to the podcast world, check out my post, how to follow a podcast.  Each episode will be there ready for you when you open that podcast app.

{Official LAUNCH with the first interview/episode is next Wed. January 31st, in the meantime, listen to the introduction, and I’ll be doing giveaways over on Instagram the next 5 days to get everyone excited!}

You can subscribe to the podcast on itunes or your favorite podcast app.  But I’ll also have a post here on my site each week, just like this one, where you can listen as well.  My hope is that after you listen to the podcast, you’ll join the discussion the same day on social media. I’ll be chatting on both my Instagram and Facebook about the interview. So if you aren’t already following over there, I’d love to have you!

Listen to the 9 minute introduction with a few fun stories thrown in that back up my WHY!

Just push play!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my parenting podcast!

Comment below, or join me on social media to see what others are saying, hopefully hear from the person I interviewed more, and chime in!

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Why I started a parenting podcast

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