#47 Parenting with Faith

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I am so excited about this 3 part podcast series of interviews I’m sharing today. This episode is a bit different than normal.  This week, we don’t go in depth about how they were raised and raising their children. But instead, I am talking to three different families about  parenting with faith. And I love the conversations that resulted!

Parenting with Faith Hinduism, Cahtolicism, Judaism

I love to explore and learn about other religions. There are so many ways different things are perceived. Though we see some points of doctrine very differently, what we see the same is what is most important: God loves us, and wants us to love our fellow man. That’s the over arching message I got in speaking with these families.

Episode 47 of the podcast is split into 3 parts, so as not to overwhelm you with TOO much.

In Part 1 Will be Shruti speaking about her Hindu faith.

Part 2 is an interview with my  good friends John and Kasey speaking about Catholicism

And Part 3 Is Elissa and her husband Stu, (who just happened to be home), and contributed to the discussion speaking about Judaism.

You can listen to all 3 right here:

Parenting in Faith:  Hinduism

Part 1 about Hinduism:

Some tidbits I didn’t realize: Many are vegetarians, they believe in Re-incarnation, and millions of Gods that you pray to depending on your needs/concerns. If you are on Instagram, you’ll want to check out here account where she talks about her Cancer journey, and shares @pajamamama512

Here is a picture of Shruti and her family:

Parenting with Faith: Hinduism

Parenting in Faith:  Catholicism

Part 2 about Catholicism:

My friends John and Kasey are my guests in Part 2, where we talk about some ins and outs of their Catholic faith. Kasey and I have talked quite extensively about religion with each other.  I’ve been grateful for her curiosity in my faith, open mindedness and open heart as we discuss religion.

My favorite part of the interview was when we discussed the quote, “You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  That is advice she gives her children about standing out or or being different.  There is so much I love about our conversation.

We discuss how we parent with faith. How our discussions with our children are rooted in the lessons our faith teaches us. We discuss teaching children about service, helping them to know God know, prayer, scriptures, and more.  Come and listen.  You will love it.

Here is a picture of Jone and Kasey’s kids spelling out what God wants most from us:

Parenting with Faith: Catholicism

Parenting in Faith :  Judaism

Part 3 about Judaism:

In this part of the episode, I’m chatting with Elissa and her husband Stu about Judaism. Elissa was mentioned in Part 1 when Shrooti talked about going to a friends house to learn about the Jewish Faith. It was great to hear from both she and her husband.  They grew up within their faith very differently and Stu shared about his own personal faith journey he took to Jerusalem to really immerse himself into the faith.

They talked about how each Friday night, they have Shebat, which is a special blessing, and their daughter really looks forward to it each week.

A quote-able quote:

“If you do things with ritual, it will carry you in life”

Here is a picture of Elissa and Stu and their daughter:

Parenting with Faith: Judaism

I’m not sure if you could tell by my fumbling over words at times, but some of these conversations were tricky for me.  I didn’t know Shruti or Elissa and Stu at all.  Our phone call was our first conversation.  And I was worried that I would seem overly ignorant or that I would say something dumb.

I really hope you enjoyed this 3 part episode as much as I did. I LOVE learning about other cultures and faiths, and to understand what it is that my fellow man believe.

Beyond Good Intentions Discussion

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