My personal trainer is my husband

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I finally convinced my husband to be my personal trainer and I’m so excited!  He is, after all, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the initials CSCS after his name. I’ve been begging him for a while to do this, and he has turned me down…which has made me mad, but to his credit, he has a valid reason…sorta.

My husband is my personal trainer

He’s been down this road with me before, and it’s caused friction. Mainly because I’ve asked for help, he’s given it, and I’ve either ignored it or gotten mad, which strangely he doesn’t care for. But I’m super serious this time. I’m fed up with working hard at what I THINK will give me results, to see no changes, so I begged again. And maybe made him feel guilty, oh, and I also threatened hiring a personal trainer for $1000 a month (I’m not really sure it’s that much, but I threw the number out there to see if he’d bite).

And he did!

You see, I’m turning 40 in July. I’m actually pretty excited about it…bring it on! I’ve got adventures planned for this year leading up to my 40th, but I’ve also had a major goal of being fit by 40. It’s not a weight thing, I feel fairly happy with my weight, but I want to be stronger. Toner. The past 2 years I’ve been taking that pretty seriously (with intermittent lapses in judgement) and have had major frustration.

I went to a Barre class for 6 months and loved it…then I didn’t. I really enjoyed how it seemed to work on my problem areas. My glutes.

My glutes aren’t just a problem because I want it toner, but because I’ve had knee problems, and my CSCS husband says that to improve my particular knee problem means I need to strengthen my glutes.

I fell out of love with Barre, and as a side note didn’t feel any different, nor measurements different.

I joined a unique club/gym that SEEMED to be my answer, but felt deflated when I did measurements at the beginning, and 4 months later with consistency in schedule and eating habits, it was the same. Even my husband agreed that after 4 months I should have seen SOMETHING different.

I’ve downloaded various apps, watched the Beach Body programs, but a LOT of them have exercises that exacerbate my knee problem before improving it.

I feel like I’ve been in a good pattern of daily exercise for a long time, but I don’t want to just spin my wheels, I want to see results.

So he’s making me a training program, catering to my needs.

My personal trainer is my husband

I sent him a LONG list of exercises I like and a short list of those that just grate at me (for some reason, I can’t stand that superman on the floor).

My husband said I should open up this workout schedule to all of you, he always says that socializing+exercise=a win for me.

>>>>>>If you want to follow along and do the workouts as well, here is our exercise document he is updating daily for me: Home Workout Spreadsheet.

I’ll warn you though…some exercises are for using equipment we have here that you might not have. But not everything. I said I wanted cardio, strength, and rolling/stretching.

how to find a personal trainer

how to find a personal trainer

Last weekend, as we talked about this topic yet again, and I muttered under my breath how much I wanted him to help me. I had to take my daughter somewhere, and he said he’d consider it again (after that $1000 trainer comment). I texted him about my commitment, and this was his reply:

I’m happy to help, but If I’m going to be your trainer, there are a few requirements that I have.

  1. You are not allowed to make negative statements about your progress or dissatisfaction with your body.
  2. You can ask questions, but you can’t question what I’m having you do.
  3. No binge eating of any foods, no matter what.

I replied that I liked his feistiness. And that it was the longest text he’d likely ever sent.

tandem bike ride date

When we rented a tandem bike in downtown Austin, the guy told us that it’s often referred to as “the divorce bike.” We made it through that adventure unscathed, hopefully we can make it through this personal training just as good, but stronger…especially my muscles!

Here are a few tools that I have around my home. I just got the bowflex adjustable weights a few months ago and I LOVE them! Pricey, but so worth it for space saving and flexibility.

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