Put on the Armor of God Printable

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I’ve always loved the scripture in Ephesians that instructs us to Put on the Armor of God. I love the symbolism of fighting a battle, because the world is a battlefield! I love how the scriptures highlight what each part of the armor is meant for us to arm ourselves with, in order to fight the fiery darts of the adversary. Or in other words, how to combat the evils of our day. Each piece of the armor symbolizes something we can do to protect ourselves. We are having our Back to School Family Home Evening and dinner tonight, and (don’t tell my kids yet) this is our theme!  I’ll share more on that later, but I wanted to first share these AMAZING printables I asked Kiki & Company to create for me!

choose the right

Kiki made a custom image of all of my kids in their armor, and I’m excited to share that she can do a custom order for anyone else out there that wants one of their kids!  Contact her through her website HERE, and check out her other printables on her site!

If you don’t need a custom picture, but just want a reminder for your kids to put on their armor every day, I’ve got these adorable pictures as free printables that Kiki made. A boy or a girl. I plan to put them on my kids bathroom mirrors, and even by the front door. Just a simple reminder to Put on the armor!

Boy Armor of God

{Download Boy in Armor of God HERE}

Girl Armor of God

{Download Girl in Armor of God HERE}

I also love these cute pictures I found on my church website, LDS.org.  In the Book of Mormon (which is a companion to the Bible) there is a coordinating scripture that emphasizes the Ephesians scripture in 2 Nephi 1:23 that says, “Awake my sons (and daughters), put on the armor of righteousness.” (get below picture HERE)

Armor of God cartoon picture for kids

This one is more geared towards the teenagers (HERE):

Armor of God

Stayed tuned for more of what I’ll teach in our lesson on putting on the Armor of God, with our discussion and dinner.

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