Red Hot Apple Cider

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I like a little warm cider on a cool day, but I don’t care for the pre-mixed jug.  Too much…stuff in it.  I like an apple juice base with a few extras.  The other day, I had the juice, and hoped I had enough on hand to mix up something good.  I posted a query on my facebook page and got a few links, but when someone mentioned dropping some red hots in…my interest was PEAKED. Fascinated, I had to get my hands on some red hots and give it a try. I really didn’t want to go to the store again, and like a beacon from heaven, a friend close by said she had some red hots on hand.  I like the fruity twist to ciders as well, so I pretty much made up this recipe, and I kinda dig it. Plus, it’s a red beverage, so that makes it extra fun and Christmas-y.


Apple juice

Red hots (half of the bag above)

1 lemon (squezzed and dropped in)

can of pineapple chuncks (I just drained the juice out)

sprinkle of cinnamon

sprinkle of cloves

The red hots dissolve after a few minutes and it turns the juice red with a little kick to it!  You could just do the juice and red  hots and its good, I just added a little juiciness.

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