Reindeer Wood Log Slice Ornaments

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I love fun and festive ornaments, and each year, I like to gift my good friends an ornament with my favorite Christmas Crunch along with our Christmas card. This year, I made these Reindeer Wood Log Slice Ornaments, and they were SO SIMPLE! Enough so, that my 7 year old daughter helped me. In fact both she and my 14 year old son did quite a bit, and you can easily replicate and make a bunch like I did to pass out to your friends and family.

Reindeer wood slice ornaments

First, I purchased the wood log slices off of Amazon. I’m sharing an affiliate link, (which doesn’t add onto your price, but helps me) but you can also find them at local craft stores (though maybe sold out at some). I got a bag of 20 or 30. They had some pre drilled for more (but not on PRIME), but I had my handy 14 year old son (whom is very interested in power tools these days) drill some holes for me to tie the ornament string through. I grabbed the wood slices that were 2-3 inches. There are a variety of sizes online, but I wanted it big enough to fit my reindeer.

Here are my ornament making elves…all so helpful!


I’m quite happy that I have a willing child to drill holes for me! It’s not a tedious task I enjoy doing.


I was pretty afraid that I wouldn’t be able to paint a nice looking circle, I don’t feel I have the steadiest hand…but I was pleased with how they turned out!

Now, I had a hard time finding the reindeer. I also found snowflakes if you see those at your local stores. They are sold with the papercrafts, and I got mine in a set of 25. Found them at Michaels, but I can’t find a link online for them!

wood log ornamentsHere are the items I used minus the reindeer (keep looking, you may find it)


I also love my Ryobi cordless power drill that you can see my son using in the pictures.wood log ornaments

Don’t they kinda look like sugar cookies? Yeah, I can almost eat them right up!wood log ornaments

I also found these cute mini wood shapes: Camera, star, US states

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  1. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    OMG. I absolutely Love your woodsie ornaments. Nice seeing your children getting involved in the making of these ornaments. They done a great job.

    Now, if I can locate your mailing address I will be able to send you a Christmas card. I had it written on a piece of paper and now I have misplaced it and can’t seem to find where you had posted it on your blog.
    If I clean off my craft desk I might find it. Let’s hope.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you! I’m glad my kids love to help out. I’d love a card, here is my address: Kristen Duke P.O. Box 4085; Cedar Park, TX 78630