Relationship Quotes

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Sometimes you need to send your kids with some love, and these relationship quotes work from parent to child or friend to friend or in a dating relationship. Relationship Quotes

On instagram in the month of September, we talked all about helping our kids develop their Relationship IQ. We talked about sibling relationships, parent to child, friend to friend, and even DATING! We actually talked a lot about dating. What to watch out for, how to treat someone you are dating, even creative date ideas (free print on that page, too).

To read all of the discussions, click this link #IPPRelationshipIQ which will take you to the Relationship IQ section on my instagram page. “IPP” stands for #IntentionalParentingProject which is another link you can click to read each of the chats we have in all months. The theme of discussion changes from month to month.

In August, we discussed #IntentionalParentingProjectKINDNESS which you can read on that link, too. I’ve had fun having discussions with the Capturing Joy community, and hearing from others experiences.

>>>You can download these quotes here: RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

If you love any other quotes that would work for a second page of quotes, I’d love to hear! Leave them in the comments below.

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