Road Trip Hacks

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Road Trip Hacks are for survival on the long rides with the family. Sometimes, you just gotta prepare a little in advance to make things smooth on the road.

Road trips in the summer are one of my family's favorite activities but it can get tiresome. Here are 14 great road trip hacks: food, actives and more! |

Road Trip Hacks are just a fancy way of saying “sanity on the road.” If you are planning some time on the road, hopefully these hacks will help you!  I’ve taken many trips with my kids over the years, way before the internet, and I just LOVE all the ideas I’ve found over the years!

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Road Trip Games and Activities



Travel Themed Coloring Page


Disney Trip Fun Bags


Road Trip Activity Bag Ideas


Summer Boredom Buster Printable Kits

Roadtrip Lego Boxes

Lego Boxes


Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Printable


Kids Travel Kit Binder

Organization Ideas for Road Trips


Lined Cup Holder Idea


Favorite Snacks Basket Idea


Trash Can for the Car


DIY Containers for Road Trips

Road Trip Food Ideas


Road Trip Roll Ups


Easy Road Trip Breakfast Recipe


Trail Mix Protein Bar Cookies

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