Rockstar Birthday Party

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My older daughter’s 7th birthday had a Rockstar theme. She is quite the rock star herself, so it was fitting. Pink & black with a touch of orange and purple.Above, the gorgeous and delicious cake my friend from I Crave Cake made, and below a close up of the candy mold microphones I whipped out (don’t look too close). Found those on Amazon.I got the idea from a friends party to double up the paper plates–I LOVE the way it looks. I’d link to that super cute party, but they haven’t posted it yet (I saw it in a text). Be watching for them to post it in the next week or so. Also found a music note punch at Joann’s.Here is a pull back shot of the room. We used our neighborhood Ammenity Center (because the pool is attached, and she wanted to swim after).  We had a backdrop set up as the “stage” to perform, a long table to eat, and the main table and gift table off in the corner. She was feeling a little shy actually singing, and our kareoke machine wasn’t working so well with the disc, so I got up to sing “Baby” with her to help loosen her up. We did a nice a capella duet. (She wanted us to match in our pink pants/black shirts, I would have otherwise let her shine in the pink).
I added in purple and orange to my original black and pink theme because of the inflatable microphones I found at Oriental Trading. I also got the star sunglasses, rhinestone tatoos, and Rock Star candy there. I had been cutting our music notes with my daughter a few days before, and when we stopped by Party City the day before, and found they had a bunch already cut out–I grabbed them. I was very impressed with all of the new items Party City had. The black swagged paper accordian in front of the table, too. Even the star balloons in silver and black. When I felt overwhelmed with decorating a bigger space–I figured a bunch of balloons would help. I took individual pictures of all of the girls on the backdrop, that I plan to get to them in their thank you cards (if you are reading this and attended, keep reminding me, I’m the worst at getting thank you cards out). I love throwing a party at home, but it was nice that I didn’t have to clean my home from all the prep before….but it was sad to put it together and tear it all down within a few hours.  Fortunately, I had assistance for both.

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