San Antonio LDS Temple Wedding

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I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to photograph the wedding day of someone very dear to my heart. Though I was never actually the teacher to Lindsey at church (I taught 14/15 year olds when she was 16), we bonded as friends when she was a teenager, and I’ve always watched her–knowing she’d do great things with her life. I took her senior pictures, watched on social media as she enjoyed her freshman year of college at BYU (my alma mater), then talked with her mom asking for stories while she served a mission for our church in Argentina. In January, just after she returned from her mission, she stayed with my kids for the weekend, while my husband enjoyed a stay-cation in downtown Austin. She was so great with my kids, and even helped them make welcome home signs for us!  I then heard about her long time “friend” coming home from his mission in March, and I knew it was just a matter of time before she got engaged. When she called me in early June asking if I could take her engagement pictures in a 48 hour window the next week, I had to accomodate! I took their engagement pictures, and agreed to being their wedding photographer (even though I swore off weddings years ago for logistical reasons) for an August wedding. My rule about weddings is that if I’ll be there anyway, I’ll take pictures. And I WANTED to be there for her! I do LOVE taking pictures of a happy couple on their wedding day, especially those outside of the temple, so I made it happen. I brought my family along, and we stayed at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch in San Antonio the night before. My husband and I were able to join her family in a small sealing ceremony inside the temple, and journey with them back to Austin that night for the grand reception for hundreds of people. NOW, to the pictures!!!

wedding first kiss

leaving the San Antonio Temple

wedding kiss at the temple

temple photographer

Duke family selfie at the temple

family selfie at the temple

happily married wedding couple

The families joining together.

families merging

bride with groomsmen


My girls sure love Lindsey

beautiful bridal portraits

And so do I!

bride and photographer

Texas Temple Wedding photos


LDS temple photography


bride and groom pocketwatch

pocketwatch bride and groom

Bride and Groom photography


San Antonio Texas Temple

wedding photos

wedding photography

Temple Wedding

lds temple wedding photography


Mormon Temple Wedding

After the temple pictures, we drove back to Austin for their reception. It was decorated SO cute in yellow and navy, with so many fun details that told about their 10 year courtship.

Our Love Story


wedding reception decoration

blue and yellow wedding reception

wedding reception desserts

kit kat wedding cake

They had a Kit Kat Cake, because throughout the years they’ve been friends/dating, they’d find ways to deliver kit kats to each other in hysterical ways. I should see if I can get copies of some of the pictures/stories. Small cake on top, but mini brownie bites with kit kats on top.

Kit Kat Wedding Cake Brownie Bites

I LOVED how they decorated with lots of pictures, it didn’t hurt that I got to take them!

wedding picture decoration

They made info cards with details about themselves, for those that didn’t know them as well.

wedding decoration idea

Then came some dancing…

Wedding photography

wedding dancing

dancing at wedding reception

I even got to dance with my girls a bit, too.


The flowers got thrown, and it was so funny, they hit the ceiling the first time, love the look on everyones faces.

flowers gone wrong

Then we bid farewell!

farewell to bride and groom

bride and groom farewell

Such a delight to be a part of this wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed the snippit you’ve seen here.

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