Setting Goals for a New Year

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Hello 2017, Happy New Year my friends!!! I always love a clean slate, and I actually have some resolutions I wanted to share with you how I am Setting Goals for a New Year. Sometimes I scoff at resolutions. I can make changes and set goals anytime throughout the year, but I’m good to go along with the rest of the world on January 1st, too.  And because it always seems to work well to be held accountable for them, I’m going to share those goals with you. Plus, if any of you have thoughts on how I can attain my goals, I’d love to hear…feedback or tips. I tend to over-do it, but that works for me, so then maybe I’ll make at least ONE stick!  You ready?

Setting Goals for a New Year

1. My Face:

I’m officially 38.5 years old, and I’ve never been great at taking care of my skin. I’ve been lucky. (I get Doterra skin care for my boys and it’s amazing, see below). I’ve noticed sagging around my cheeks when I’m not smiling, and I’m like…DANG, I’m getting OLD!  Plus, I’ve never been great at moisturizing, and I need to. That’s what all of the famous people say: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, but have I ever listened? Nope! I probably throw some thick lotion on my face once every other day after I wash it. I’ve been researching a bit, and talking to some beauty blogging friends (McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam) and decided on two things. ONE, she suggested that for moisture to use more of the paper masks. I think I’m going to order a bunch for elasticity. Need to tighten! I also ready about face exercises to strengthen the muscles. Seems to make sense! I use a clarisonic Mia on my face 2-3 times a week, that helps with exfoliation. Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips? I’m also looking at purchasing a derma roller.

2. Budget:

I’m trying to reign myself in on my spending this year. I’ve been all over the map with budgeting. I hate it as much as the next gal, but I need to control my urges to buy all the things on and just go to the dang grocery store (instead of Instacart deliveries). I’ve resisted for years, but I finally committed to doing a cash system. I’ll withdraw a certain amount each month for food (that my husband and I decided on over the weekend on our “budget date”) and try that for a bit. I’m nervous but excited and ready to prove to myself and my husband that I can do this! Any tips? Have you tried the cash system before?

3. Salads at Home:

I LOVE salads. I love to buy them already made, but this goes along with #2, I’m buying take out way too much. The thing is, I’ve never really made a salad at home that I really LIKE. Do I need a salad spinner? I keep thinking that would help for some reason. It definitely takes more prep than I’d like, but I’ve got this Salad Pinterest Board that just never gets love from me. I like to look at the pretty pictures, but I don’t make them because I keep thinking it’ll never taste as good as store bought.

4. Get stronger:

So, I kinda hate putting this, because I’ve been saying this for at least 3 years. That I want to get stronger. I literally have tried a good handful of things, and I’m not any different than I was 3 years ago. It’s frustrating to say the last. I had a personal trainer at the YMCA for a few months, quit the YMCA, joined Planet Fitness, Booty Belt (I have this, it’s awesome, click on the image below for more details), Exercise cards, worked with a free trainer there, do exercises at home, do Barre classes that I love, I’ve tried SO many things, and I just get sad that I don’t see a difference. A big problem is that I just don’t see it through, but I also think I don’t understand everything about weight training, and I’m trying to learn. I’ve really got the ultimate goal of my 40th birthday, to be STRONG, but trying to figure it out before then…I’ve got a year and a half. A side goal is that I want to do a handstand (on the beach preferably) and I found a site that teaches steps to get to that goal.  I’ve had some knee issues, and working on strengthening the muscles around my knee so I can do more. My husband and I were looking at weights for our home, but I can’t decide what to do. See the image below for the BowFlex adjustable I’m liking.

5. Parenting Blogging:

I really enjoy the parenting discussions that I started a bit last year on the site, and I’m working on teaming up with a handful of other bloggers with teens, and having a once a month discussion on parenting topics. I’m excited about this, so stay tuned. Even if we can’t get it all together I want to talk more about it. I see a bit lack in discussing parenting teens out there, or preparing to parent tweens/teens.

***Aside from those, I’m following an Instagram account to help me be more accountable for personal scripture reading: @BofM365  I’ve also been working with some blogging friends on a course to make my site more SEO searchable, SO many details us bloggers have to think about to keep our sites up and running.

So tell me…what are you working on? Any thoughts/tips on my goals?

Here are a few of the items I was discussing above:

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