Simple Skin Care for Teens

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As women, we all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, right??   I don’t know about you, but I’m SUPER lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin. I’m knocking on 40’s door, and I’m starting to think I need to step up my game. At the same time, my daughter is almost 12, and she’s been getting hit at school Health with “how to take care of your body” which I LOVE that the school is helping to re-enforce what we teach at home. It’s been a recent thing that we’ve talked about the importance of washing her face every night, and if I’m teaching her to do it, I need to do it too! Together, the two of us have been trying out the Simple Skin Care line found at Wal-Mart, and I wanted to share our thoughts.  Today, I’m talking about taking care of ourselves in the outside, my next post will be tips for teaching my girl in taking care of the INSIDE;)

teaching teens hygiene

{Disclosure: This post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.}

First of all, I love the super simplicity of the Simple Cleansing Wipes.  Sometimes, it’s all I can do to swipe my face and fall into bed!  And my daughter agrees, it’s the LEAST we can do. Softer than silk yet merciless on makeup, and enriched with vitamins B5 and E…winning!

simple cleansing facial wipes

I like to do my thorough face wash in the shower, and have taught my daughter to do the same.  The Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash is a great foaming cleanser safe for sensitive skin, which I love for her beautiful–still baby–face!

teaching teens to wash their face

Tips: For best results wet face with warm water. Squeeze a small amount into hands and work into a lather. Massage gently in a circular motion onto wet skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Avoid delicate eye area.

simple skin care for teens

Lets not forget the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water! New to us, this stuff gently lifts makeup and impurities out and instantly boosts skin’s hydration by 90%–wowzers! Yeah, my skin definitely needs a boost.

easy skin care

Tip: For best results apply a generous amount to a Q-tips Beauty Rounds. Wipe the Q-tips Beauty Rounds all around the face, no need to rub the skin. Gently wipe around closed eyes and avoid getting into your eyes. No need to rinse after!

For all of these products, they are for every occasion in your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Whether that’s coming home late from work, a night out with friends, or if they just want to freshen up between events, Simple products have the right ingredients to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Here is where I spotted the products on the shelf at Wal Mart:

Quick facts about the Simple skin care line:

  • Gentle care, naturally healthy-looking skin without the hassle.
  • Feel-good cleansers that hydrate as they cleanse.
  • Tough on makeup. Gentle on skin.
  • Remove makeup. Instantly hydrate.
  • No artificial/dyes color or perfumes and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin.
  • With skin-loving ingredients and multi-vitamins

Here is a fun little image to help you or your teen visually remember!

Like it says on the bottle, SMILE, it’s Simple!!!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own. #WMSimplyClean


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