Snowman Gift Idea and Printable

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I shared this Snowman Door Craft & Gift Idea and printable in December, but I think snowmen still live in January!  It’s a fun craft to get the kids involved, and given as a gift to a friend!  My kids love our snowman, up on our laundry room door.

snowman on a door

This gift is practically free, if you are like me and keep a supply of card stock around the house. I didn’t come up with the snowman-on-the-door idea, but am simply sharing how it can be made as a gift for friends, especially for your kids to make and give THEIR friends!


  • 2 sheets black card stock
  • 1/2 sheet orange card stock
  • 1 sheet red card stock
  • 2 sheets gray card stock
  • scissors/paper cutter
  • free printable gift tag

Cut out the shapes for the snowman: 2 Big circles for the eyes, 5 small circles for the smile, 3 buttons (big or small), orange triangle nose, red scarf, gray hat. I don’t have exact measurements for these, I just eyeballed it. I used a little tape on the hat, too.


After you cut out the shapes, lay them on the floor or tape them to the door (with painters tape) to make sure you have all the right pieces.
Either hang it on your own door, or gather it in a gift bag to attach with the gift tag, to give to a friend!

snowman gift idea

I love this cute printable with 2 different quotes that fit the craft so perfectly:

“In the winter we can build a snowman.” Get it, you are “building” a snowman on the door.

“Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled.” It comes unassembled and they have to put it together!


Download the free printable with 2 of each quote here:  Snowman

Hand your kids the paper, show ’em this post, and let them have at it!

snowman printable

That’s it!

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