Spring Senior Pictures

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I’m really trying to stick to this Photo Tips on Tuesday commitment that I declared with my new site design a few weeks ago. I’m starting this post at 11:51pm on a Tuesday night, so though this won’t publish til the next day, I started on a Tuesday, so that counts for something, right? {And, I’m going to back post so it will LOOK like Tuesday!}  And the photo tip is….senior picture posing ideas!

I had the opportunity to take some beautiful senior pictures of Kate tonight. I think I met her when she was 5, but I don’t get to see her too often, as she lives in our old neighborhood. Her mom was a great supporter of my new hobby back in the day, and let me experiment with my camera on her kids, quite a few times. I’m grateful to her for that support back then.

Kate made a guest appearance last year, though as Elsa for my daughter’s FROZEN birthday party, and I’ve been trying to help her get a blog started in the past year, too. Watch out world, Kate is coming your way!  I wanted to give her a bit of a sneak peek on her senior pictures, so I chose a handful of my favorites to share here.  In case anyone is confused, it’s a senior in high school pictures, also know as TEEN pictures, not of the senior citizen variety. I used to take a lot more teen portraits, but with my semi-retirement in people picture taking, I felt a tad bit rusty tonight. Luckily, Kate was VERY patient with me!

senior picture posing ideas

seniors portraits on train tracks

girl senior pictures in tall field


senior pictures in green field with backlight

senior pictures on stairs


senior portraits for girls

senior pictures on train tracks


senior portrait photography pose ideas



splashing wather senior pictures

I wish this last one weren’t so small on account of being horizontal…I simply love the feel of it. Inspired by these family photos I snapped nearly 5 years ago in this same spot.





senior pictures walking on bridge

There you have it! Which image is your favorite? I kinda love the splashing water shot–anything with movement, too!

Whether you are a photographer or a MOM wanting to take pictures of your teen, check out my post on How to take senior pictures, with posing and lighting and location ideas!

Senior Pictures

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