Successful Smoothie Supplies

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Have you seen my Smoothie a Day Challenge? I am challenging myself and invited others along on the journey to include more fruits and vegetables into my diet via healthy smoothies!  I started a Smoothie Facebook group, and have a Smoothie Pinterest board, if you want to follow there, but I wanted to share my basic staples and tools for successful smoothies.

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PB2 smoothie supplies

PB2 powdered peanut butter

chia seeds smoothie supplies

chia seeds: great source of protein

vanilla extract

vanilla extract: flavor booster



vanila protein powder

 vanilla protein powder (there is also chocolate)

honey smoothie supplies

raw honey: natural flavor booster

Now I’ve got 3 different blender options. These can be pricey, and I know from using ALL of them, that the pricey ones are really great, but with a little extra work, the others are great, too.

single serve blender perfect for smoothies

single serve blender

$100 blender

Middle priced Ninja Blender

blendtec blender

Blendtec: Powerful, high end

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