30 Day Smoothie a Day Challenge

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Hey friends! Who wants to join me for a smoothie a day challenge for 30 days?  I need to re-set, and I thought it’d be more fun to do it with others!  This can be done any month of the year, but I’m starting January 1st, how much more cliche can it get?  I’ve definitely let go of all of my healthy habits since I started teaching my early morning bible study class.

I enjoy a good smoothie, I know they are good for me, but I’m kinda impatient with the tedious process, and generally only make 1 a week (or less) for myself. I want to do it every day! When I do have a smoothie for breakfast or lunch, it’s AMAZING the better choices I make that hinge on that. So this is a challenge for myself, and others if you want to join!

Join the Smoothie a Day Challenge to slim down and create healthy habits

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I’m funny with goals, if I set something, I follow through with it pretty well, but it takes a LOT for me to actually commit to a goal…because I know I’ll give it my all if I do it, so I don’t want to set myself up for failure…ha ha! So this is my new goal, a smoothie a day. When I start my day eating well, my exercise choices tend to be better as well.

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I’m all about concrete, attainable goals. Instead of saying I won’t eat such and such, my main goal is to simply INCLUDE to have a smoothie a day for 30 days, to hopefully make it a habit to have them more often.

Main Goal:

  • Smoothie a day

So here is the deal with smoothie’s. I almost always try to put a handful or two of spinach in there. I use mostly water, sometimes almond milk. Don’t add juices, those are unnecessary calories. I’d like to experiment more with flavors, but really, I just need it to be easy, and not have to think too much about it. I’ve got a TON of frozen fruit in my freezer, that with spinach, I’m good to go. I’ve been adding some protein powder in, and sometime chia seeds or something I have on hand.

Here is my trusty blender. I love it, but it can be pricey, so use whatever you’d like! I just like that it doesn’t have sharp blades, just amazing power.

I thought it would be fun to start a facebook group for those that want to join the challenge, so if you are on facebook, and you want to play along, JOIN HERE! I’ll post daily what smoothie I made, and people can comment on the daily thread what smoothie they made. We can share ideas, and help each other out, and share any other random tips or tidbits that would be helpful and motivation. Sound fun?

>>>>>Smoothie a Day for 30 Days Facebook Group<<<<<<<

It is a CLOSED group, so anyone can be a part of it, you just have to request to join in the top right corner. I will approve!

I am committing to posting there in January, but after that, not sure I can keep it up. Maybe others can help me moderate!

Smoothie recipes in picture above:

Orange Pineapple Green Smoothie // Peach Raspberry Smoothie

Raspberry Sunrise// Raspberry Lime Smoothie

Orange Julius Smoothie // Dandelion and Apple Smoothie

I’ve struggled in my exercise regime since school started. I get up at 5am, get all dressed for the day, and when 8am rolls around with my kids off to school, I start tapping at the computer or run errands, and don’t want to go backwards and get work out clothes on, so it just doesn’t happen (very often). I made a goal in October to do some form of exercise for 20 minutes each day, usually that meant a brisk walk or bike ride, and I tend to do that about 4x a week. The past 4 years, I’ve done 1 hour, at least 5 days a week, so it’s definitely a change of pace, and my body is starting to get upset with me for it.

Here are 10 other things, I am trying to be conscious about doing each day:

  1. Drink 5-8 glasses water–I’m pretty good about water being all I drink. I definitely get it 3-5 a day, but I’d like to “up” it to more.
  2. 20 minutes aerobic–It’s ok if it’s just a walk around the block, getting that circulation going each day is important.
  3. 10 minutes toning–I’m pretty horrible at this, so I’m hoping to start easy, an work my way up.
  4. Small plate at dinner–Have you done this? It totally helps! Small servings to start, allow for small seconds, which I love.
  5. No eating after 7pm–I did this pretty well for a long time, aiming to get back to this. Nothing good happens after 7pm eating.
  6. Eat nuts for snacks–I stock up on all kinds of nuts, they are such a great healthy fat snack option.
  7. Start my day with a fruit–I’m am always rushing when I wake up, so grabbing an apple or banana to eat on the go is a great way to start my day.
  8. Eats more eggs!–I don’t care for them in the morning, but I love them for lunch. Gotta make them more!
  9. If I have dessert, eat it mid day–I don’t want to fully cut out desserts, so mid day I’ve decided is a great negotiation.
  10. Go to bed at a decent hour– If I got 8 hours of sleep, I’d have to go to bed at 9pm, I’m thinking 7 hours is do-able, I often get 6 or 6.5, but I’m aiming for 7.

Back to the smoothies, tell me your smoothie tips!

What about you, what are you trying to focus on? Baby steps?

I’m going to be PINNING everything smoothie onto this PIN board, if you’d like to follow, and check out what I’m checking out!
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  1. I’m definitely in for this! I’ve gotten off track too and I’m looking forward to starting back to healthy habits. I love starting my day off with a smoothie – I prefer coconut milk over almond milk!
    I also am committing to completing a four week fitness program through fitness blender.com to get my exercise back on track, and I am cutting out pop and love your small plate idea. Definitely going for that!!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      yay, happy to have you on board! Do you use coconut milk from a can, or refrigerated? I’ve also seen recipes that have coconut oil in the smoothie.

  2. I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. It’s super boring strawberry, banana, blueberry with fiber and vanilla protein powder. I am a zombie in the morning and the less thinking I do, the smoother my morning goes. I’ve added peanut butter powder on occasion but it’s something that i don’t think about at all. Which is just how I like it! Mornings are hectoc enough without having to stop and figure what I’m going to eat. As far as working out after dropping the kids off, one thing that helped me before I went back to work was to put on my workout clothes and then drop them off. Then I have no excuses to not hit the gym. I know if I had to go back home and change I’d find a million other things to do. One thing that helps me get enough water is carrying a liter sized water bottle with me. I dfrink at least two liters a day when I do this. I have a whole list of goals for the new year! Like you, I need set goals rather than just vague “do better next year” type of goals.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I’m good with the same old thing daily, too, but I’ve had fun experimenting! I have a hard time carrying around a huge bottle, and just fill up the same cup over and over, and hope I remember to fill it!

  3. Great goals!! I need to up the water intake, especially while I’m nursing. I love eggs for dinner even more than breakfast. 😀 Never thought about it for lunch though!

  4. I have a really hard time committing to challenges…so yeah, I’m with you in spirit, but I’m having a really hard time saying I will do this every day, especially since I know I’ll be traveling for 3 days mid-month and will be staying in a hotel, so my ability to make smoothies will be nonexistent. But I am intrigued…

    I need to get back to my basic strength training. For a while, I was doing planks and squats every day because a) they were easy to fit in, and b) I didn’t have to leave my house.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      In the facebook group, people have shared tips for smoothies while traveling, it’s been great! I’m trying to get back to my exercise routine, too, you can do it!

  5. I see no dates…so how did it go??