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Hey everyone!!  I’m Mandy from the super-awesome blog Sugar Bee Crafts  –

I’m super excited to be here on Capturing Joy – I’m been a huge fan of Kristen’s for years and years, and I’m even lucky enough to get to meet up online with her awesomeness each month.  And I absolutely love the Decorate with Pictures series – I just LOVE having pictures up in my home – it’s how I adorn my walls.

Let me show you some of my favorite spots where I have photo’s displayed…

First up, I am weak for a giant picture.  I made one for my girls room and it went viral online – I like to think I started a craze 🙂  You can make one for super cheap and I have the Original DIY Giant Photo For Cheap tutorial to walk you through how to make one for yourself.  I just love how it’s huge and makes a big statement.  My girls share a room and the picture shows how great sisters are.  I also have a family one in our dining room, which is visible when people enter our home, in a casual happy fun family picture.


But you don’t need to get overwhelmed with a big project to display photos – small and simple can be just as amazing.  I recently made this colorful Photo Frame Mini Banner and I walk you through how to make one yourself.  A fun craft for an afternoon, and it really showcases the photos – I have this clipped up to a display in my entryway where everyone can see it.

I love having professional looking pictures, but I also love causal pictures.  In our family room, which is more casual than our living room, I have family pictures from vacations and fun activities on display.  The kids love to look them over and talk about their memories of each picture.  I mounted the snapshot on simple foam board and talk about it on this post: Snapshot Gallery Wall

In the same room on an adjacent wall I have this Photo Wall Display Board with close-ups of the kiddos that I just love:

And I have a tutorial for that as well: Photo Wall Art Display Board


And of course I think that every home needs a gallery wall.  I have ours in our living room and it showcases our family pictures (I need to get updated ones!) .  You can read more about how I transformed the whole room, with the Gallery Wall as the focus, here: Living Room Reveal  I love the mix of color and black & white photos and the fun frames mixed with traditional frames.

Thanks for letting me share some ways that I display photos in my home.  Hope to see you over on for lots of fun DIY tutorials and more!
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Thank you, Mandy! I LOOOOVE that colorful photo frame banner! I need to make one of those!  So many great ideas!
If you’ve missed any of the Decorating with Pictures series so far, you can check out all of them plus past ideas HERE, or click on the image below.

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