Summer Fun chart

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Summer is upon us, and I see people pinning checklists and activities like crazy, in hopes that us mothers will have memorable activities with our kids that include skipping and holding hands on a daily basis along with ZERO electronic time. Who needs electronics when we have each other?!?  In all truth, I LOVE summer!  I am not one of those lamenting that the end of the year is upon us, because I actually get excited to hang out with my kids and do whatever we want. But if I don’t have a plan, summer will slip through my fingers and I will have missed out on the opportunity to play with my kids. When my oldest finished kindergarten, I came up with the SUMMER FUN JAR. I made a super long list of activities, games, research topics, treats, & outings. We picked out 5 a week, but sometimes it was 5 outtings and it was just exhausting! We did this for a few years, and I never figured it out….

But I’ve decided if something is going to happen whether losing weight, exercising, or family fun, you have to MAKE A PLAN!!! So this is my simple plan.  I figure it covers 2-3 hours each day (roughly) and with our morning gym time, afternoon down time, shorter pool visits, and some electronics thrown in (lets be real) we’ve got the days covered.

{I don’t have a download, but if you’d like to right click and save this, then insert it into a word document, feel free to print it out}

If you want some ideas for something fun to do, check out my fun with kids pinterest page. I’ll keep adding to it. I also plan to implement the summer snacking agenda I introduced last summer.

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