Survivors Guilt after Childhood Leukemia

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Survivors guilt can stem from any variety of traumatic situations, and will take a good amount of resiliency and self awareness to combat those thoughts.

Childhood Leukemia and Survivors Guilt article

In this episode of the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast, I speak with Jamie Hutchings

Surviving childhood leukemia brought on a great deal of survivors guilt for Jamie. She felt like a disappointment, uncertain why she survived when she had known so many other cancer patients that she adored, who weren’t so lucky.

She was bullied in high school, felt angry towards her parents, and just didn’t understand why she was so special to have survived. She speaks of her suicide attempts, wanting to quiet the voices in her head.

As an adult, and coming through on the other side, she travels around teaching youth about the importance of talking to someone when they are in these dark places.

I was happy to hear her weigh in on Affirmations, because it’s a HOT TOPIC right now. She spoke about the power behind the positive words we speak, when we start to believe them.

Find Jamie at @SurvivingTheBubble on Instagram and her website
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