Taking Family Portraits 5 part series

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Welcome to our 5 day series: Taking Family Portraits–from beginning to end! Tis the time of year, and there are so many things to think about when having your family portraits taken, each  post has so many details, see the links below and read all about it!  I’ve got a few of my favorite photographer bloggers helping me out, too.

The week is over, to see the fabulous posts, here are the links!

How to select a photographer

How to prepare clothing for your portrait shoot

Choosing a Location for your family portraits

Keeping your cool and relaxing at your session

Decorating with Portraits


I’m also very excited to announce a photography book giveaway in connection with this series. I’ve written two books that I’m so giddy to share with everyone, and in case you haven’t heard, here are the details:

(Click the highlighted links for detailed info about the books)

For beginners– Say NO to Auto: 3 Basic steps to Understanding Manual Camera settings

and For intermediate photography levels– Get Focused: 12 Creative Tips & Techniques to bring your photography to a higher level

There are many comments/reviews for Say NO to Auto (hundreds), as it’s been out longer, Get Focused is a newer release. Both are in e-book form as well as printed copies.


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