Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

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Teaching financial responsibility with an Additional Card Member.  This post was created in partnership with American Express.

I believe the good habits my kids can learn and practice early on will set them up later in life. That’s why I love Additional Card  Membership from American Express. It’s such a great way to introduce my son Tyler to his first credit card while still being supervised  by parents. The Card is an extension of my own American Express account and his charges come as part of my monthly bill. As a family we decided that this would be the way we’d supply him with allowance each month as opposed to cash. Now, I think this idea is genius.

I’ve teamed up with American Express to use Additional Card Membership as a resource to discuss budgeting, monitor spending, and keeping an open conversation about Tyler’s finances. I’m going to discuss our budget plan in another post, but I wanted to share this printable quote sign and coloring page that goes along with this theme. I love making quotes fun with color. And I also like the idea of my kids coloring the words, because as they color, it can sink deeper into their consciousness. Seriously, teens can color, too! Learn more about how to add your teen to your account as an Additional Card Member .

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned


Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

>>>>>> Download the print and coloring page here:

Follow along the next two months as I share more about this support card and teaching kids financial responsibility.

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility


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