Texas Escape Room

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If you haven’t been to an Escape Room yet, you’ll want to grab your friends and set a date!

Texas Escape Room

3 Years ago, I took my husband to an escape room with some friends for his 40th birthday. This year, I took my son and some friends for his 16th birthday. It’s a great way to have fun with a group!  The company expanded since we last went, there are 2 locations in Austin, but several others across the state as well.

I couldn’t take any pictures inside the cabin room where the kids got stuck, but it was really fun to watch them solve the clues on the camera in the room, next to the technician helping them via walkie talkie. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but I asked, and they let me in.

We went to their newest, 2nd location in Austin, but this company is also in other cities in Texas, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Check out TEXAS PANIC ROOM

Below, the crew getting instructions on how to play:

Project Panic Austin

Somehow the boys and girls got separated…ha! I love that Austin, TX on the wall.

Austin Texas Escape Room

I am happy to report…that they ESCAPED!!! And also had lots of fun…check it out for your group of teens or adults, you’ll have fun!


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