DIY Handmade Dollhouse

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My hubby built my girls a dollhouse, and it was a BIG success!  I had so much fun planning and painting and mod podging paper onto this bad boy…or should I say girl?  Here she is all fancy!

…and the reaction…

Here it is in its’ original state.  He worked many many hours on this.  He loves the raw-ness of the unfinished wood, and I felt sorta bad painting it, but he knew it was best to have it colorful.

He slaved over this beauty for weeks.

I told him what I wanted and he created the design himself.   I originally started with a darker blue and purple, but it looked too boy-like to me.  So I went with a few softer shades.

Hubby snapped a shot of me without even asking (he’s been trained well) as I paint the inside rooms.  I’ve got earplugs because he was using loud tools to make the stairs as I painted.  I had such a hard time planning out the colors according to what papers I was using.  If it was for me, I would have done different papers (I don’t love butterflies or hearts–call me heartless, but they seem overdone) but it was not for me, it was for my girls.

Up close, we have the attic space.  My daughter calls it the Texas basement, which is the storage space in our home.  I put a fun mosaic tile-like paper on the side walls here.  Maybe that one was for me, but daughter specifically mentioned she liked that one–yay!

As I tried to secretly plan out the rooms, I asked her what are her favorite shapes or designs (she didn’t know why I was asking and didn’t question) and she said hearts, butterflies, strawberries, cupcakes…so those are the rooms we have.

I think these stairs ROCK!  It took about 5 hours, but my hubby handcrafted them to perfection and I really love them.  I think they add a great detail, especially since they are big enough to be functional, you know, the dolls can actually sit on the steps, or different animals can be lined all the way up them.

He left an intentional space at the bottom as a secret hiding spot or tunnel to the back of the house.  I put a few quote frames around, on the bottom here it says, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”  Above, not pictured, I’ve got “Girls just want to have fun” by the yellow butterflies and “Smile and make your own sunshine” in the green fruit room.  I meant to put their names on it, but totally forgot…maybe I will later.

Here it is with the few furniture items we got from Target.  Piano, chairs, and a birthday set complete with a pennant banner!  We had so much fun putting our hearts into this gift, so glad the girls enjoy it….and so do the boys (legos and all)!

***Edited to add: I’ve had so many people ask about dimensions or plans, and I just wasn’t ‘thinking about that back then! No plans, but here are the dimensions:

From bottom to top floor is 40 inches. From that floor to the roof of the “attic” is 8 inches. So a total of 48 inches from top roof corner to bottom. It is 16 inches deep. Each floor is 13 inches, enough room for a Barbie to stand.


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