Triple Honeycomb Crunch

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It’s the time again! Welcome to the blog hop featuring 10 creative bloggers. This month’s theme is all things HONEYCOMB.  I decided to make a fun little snack mix, and named it Triple Honeycomb Crunch because it has THREE types of honeycomb in the mix. I’ll share modifications for a single and double honeycomb, too.  It’s a delightful little treat perfect for an outing with the family in individual bags, or in a big bowl over a silly movie.

Triple Honeycomb Crunch

But first, all 10 projects! There are so many fun projects to choose from- recipes, decor, Halloween related and more! We’d love for you to pin the collage below, check out the rest of my post about the Triple Halloween Crunch, and then go see all the other fabulous projects created by some of our friends. It’s a fun party on the 10th each month!


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So you want to learn how to make the Triple Honeycomb Crunch? Lets start with juts ONE honeycomb in our crunch. Post Honeycomb cereal is a memory of my childhood. I love that stuff! It’s the often overlooked sugar cereal, taking a sideline to the frequently used Rice Krispies or Chex for yummy treats. When I mixed the cereal with white candi quik chocolate, I fell HARD! It’s so simple, yet so divine. How did I not ever try this? I’ve made chocolate covered popcorn on many occasions, and often colorful for partites, and adore it. Chocolate covered honeycomb cereal is my new favorite cereal treat. All I did was melt my candyquik for about a minute, stir, dump on the cereal to coat, then freeze for 5 minutes in a container…and shake it up really good so the chocolate hardens on individual cereal pieces, and not a big chunk.

Honeycomb Crunch

After mixing the Honeycomb cereal with the white candyquik chocolate, I spread it out onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet and sprinkled in my other two honeycomb ingredients. I found them both at World Market, there is so much variety of delicious goodies at World Market! I was so happy to find the chocolate covered honeycomb bites (also called sea foam) because I first had a Crunchie bar when I visited the United Kingdom at EPCOT.  THEN, I found some honeycomb wafers at World Market, and I had to get them! If you don’t have a World Market nearby, you can buy the ingredients online via the links I shared!

Here is the triple threat:

chocolate covered honeycomb

Individually, they are each a tasty snack. I actually tried to mix them all together at first (as opposed to mixing the cereal and chocolate first) and it was a big gobbled clump. It still tasted good–just wasn’t as presentable. So I recommend the chocolate on the cereal first, then mixing with the other two, then drizzling another layer of chocolate over the mixture–then breaking it apart when it hardens. You with me?Honeycomb Wafers

I had so much fun taking pictures of this recipe, here are just a few more shots…

crunch pieces honey

FYI: I got the Honey Bee Jar here.

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So what do you think…..are you going to make it?!?

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  1. This looks amazing ! Yum! Love anything covered in white chocolate and especially all the fun texture involved in this..

  2. I am dying over this! and drooling! MUST make asap! xoxo

  3. Love this! Can you believe I’ve never personally dipped honeybomb cereal in Candiquik!? Lol, that has to change. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      It’s such a delicious combination!!! THanks for stopping by, Sarah!!

  4. Mique says:

    YUM!! My family would go nuts for this. Must make asap. Love the pics!

  5. Mmmm… I love cereal mix concoctions! This one sounds like a winner!

  6. This looks amazing. On my MUST TRY list!! Mmmm..

  7. Ummmm…yes! We love Honeycomb cereal at our house, so I can’t wait to try it!

  8. I did not know World Market sold those honeycomb bites!! I now have an excuse to run right out and grab some. This looks delicious.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Run right out–for sure!!! They have so many yummy treats, I need a full day to just browse and look at all of them!

  9. Julie says:

    I love Honeycomb cereal! Definitely reminds me of childhood. This looks amazing, so creative! That little honey jar is too adorable, too 🙂

  10. Hi there! I found your recipe over at my girl, Hayley’s blog, The Domestic Rebel. Honeycombs is one of my favourite cereals. I am ALL over this! Looks incredible! XO

  11. What a fun snack mix!! Honeycomb is a cereal that gets forgotten…I had totally forgotten about it until today! I love that you mixed three kinds of honeycomb in with the chocolate! Yum!

  12. Tonia says:

    Oh YUM! We love honeycomb cereal! My kids would go crazy for this mix.

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