Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure

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Although this isn’t a “Disney” theme park, we spent 1 of our 5 days in Orlando at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, so I had to cover the fun here as well. The main reason we went to this theme park is solely because of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My boys have read through the entire Harry Potter series–TWICE! So going here was a must for me–for the sake of my boys. In my survey, some people said they stayed at the Harry Potter section all day, but there was so much more fun to be had at this park! It is next door to Universal Studio’s, but a different park–Islands of Adventure.

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It was actually our first day in Orlando when we went to the Islands of Adventure, and the kids eyes were filled with wonder and excitement!

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure family

Here is a little map of the Park

Islands of Adventure map


When we arrived at the park, we headed straight to Harry Potter World (passing through the adorable Dr. Seuss Landing, with plans to head back later). We knew the lines would be long, so we wanted to jump right in! We waited about 25 minutes in line, but had fun roaming through the replica of Hogwarts as we waited.

1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey–We only went on one ride in the Harry Potter section, and this was fun, as if we were flying on a broomstick fighting bad guys. If you love the books or the movies, this ride is a must!  Also in Harry Potter World was fun little shops where my son got a wand just like Harry’s, Honeydukes candy store, 3 Broomsticks restaurant, Zonko’s gadgets store, and lots of other fun.

Harry Potter World

Butter Beer Stand

2. The Incredible Hulk Coaster–LOVED this roller coaster! My dad is so-so with roller coasters and asked how many times it went upside down…we said probably two or three. When I rode it for the second time I counted–7 times upside down and so much fun!

Incredible Hulk Coaster

Hulk Ride

3. Dr. Seuss Landing/Cat in the Hat Ride–This whole area was so much fun, and since it’s the main show my daughter watches on PBS, it was fun to meet some characters and go on a few rides. My youngest laughed her hardest as we spun around and around inside the Cat in the Hat ride..loved it!

Seuss Landing at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure


Cat in the Hat Island Adventure

4. Jurassic Park Discovery Center Play Land–This was one of the main highlights of the entire week for our kids! A maze/playscape of nets that we went to in the morning, and back in the afternoon. As adults we were thinking of all of the rides with lines we could be at, but this is where they wanted to play, so we relaxed and watched them. Well,my husband played  with them…I relaxed.

Jurassic park maze

Jurassic park fun maze

{My mom caught this moment of me waiting…and probably Insta-gramming}

5. Poseidon’s Fury–My husband just took the boys on this attraction, but they loved it. They love Percy Jackson books, and this was right up their alley.

Poseidons Fury

6. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman–This ride was a lot of fun, especially for the Marvel fans. It was set in a section of the park that has lots of MARVEL fun! This was my brothers favorite ride on the park, we rode in a basket that swooped us around, helping Spidey solve the case.

7. Butter Beer at Harry Potter World–This needed it’s own number because it was SO delicious! In Harry Potter world, so many people told me I had to get the butter beer. In the morning the line was short, in the evening it was long. They sell it on the street in HP world, but I snuck into the 3 broomsticks in the afternoon and there was a short line that sold it there. There is the froze Butter Beer that is non caffeinated and the cold/drink Butter Beer that is caffeinated. We chose the frozen and it was DELISH!!

Boys with Harry Potters Butter Beer

8. Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls Log Ride–We got wet, but it was so much fun!

Toon Town Water Ride

9. Caro-Seuss-el–Cute Carosel ride in the Dr. Seuss Landing

Seuss Landing Ride

Seuss Landing ride at Universals Studios

10. Jurassic Park River Adventure–The ride itself was kindof slow until the end when this picture got snapped.  Prepare to get wet!

Jurassic Park River Adventure ride

Other Fun Pictures:

Fun at Universal Studios

{caught by my mom again}

Harry Potter Train

Universal Studios Fun

happy girl

Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure Universal

safety at Universal Studios

Islands of Adventure Universal Studios

Thing 1 and Thing 2 at Islands of Adventure

Have you been to the Islands of Adventure at Universal in Florida? Favorite Attraction? Does something look fun from my post today? I’d love to hear!

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