Visiting Nashville, Tennessee

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Remember how I took a road trip alone with my kids last month? Remember how I told you all about our first big stop in Memphis? Well, Nashville is just 3 hours away, and I was SOO excited to see that city!

road trip

Before we entered the actual city, I got to visit with a friend from high school.

As I posted that first day in Memphis on Instagram, I got a comment from the sister of a good friend in high school. She mentioned that her sis, Tamera, lived in Nashville! I didn’t realize that, and with just an hour before our arrival into the city, I got in touch with her, and she was free to meet us for dinner!  We ate at the Loveless Cafe, which I’d heard was a MUST DO. It was outside of the city, and near my friends home, so it was perfect. I had biscuits with sausage gravy and it was delicious. I heard lots of celebrities stop in there, but not while I was there. Bummer.

It was fun to catch up with Tamera, she is a vocalist for some country music artists, she always has had an amazing voice. I was delighted to stop in at her home and meet her kids and husband before we jetted off to the city to stay for the night.


I paid probably more than I should have for a hotel room right downtown. I wanted to just walk to the main thoroughfare in the morning, and it was perfect for that.  We got there in plenty of time for the kids to have a night swim in the pool, and we discovered CHOPPED on the food network. We don’t have cable at home, and it was the only thing kid-worthy at night. I pumped out a post or two on my laptop while we all vegged til midnight when we hit the lights. I had to make sure to set my alarm to 9:30am so we could all get our free breakfast before it closed! Oh the life…on vacation…with kids that sleep in. Awesome-ness.

nashville tour

Since it was just a few days before the 4th of July, parts of downtown were closed off as they prepped for a concert in the park. I was quite sad I didn’t hear back from The Bobby Bones Show to sit in on their broadcast. They are my fave–all the way from Austin. Check out their podcasts on I heart radio for some laughs.

ice cream shop

nashville ice cream

I shared this ice cream picture on Instagram. Stopping off at this ice cream shop is not something we normally do. We don’t “go out” much at home, but I wanted this trip to be special in small ways like this, so a random stop here, brought cheers and lots of extra gushy gratitude from the kids.

I was excited that we were right across the street from The Country Music Hall of Fame, so I took the kids on a little tour to teach them all about Country Music. Since I had been infiltrating their brains to my high school love of Country, they were slightly familiar with the artists. I loved looking around at the costumes, and learning a bit more of the history.

Country Music Hall of Fame

On our way out of town, we stopped off at the Parthenon replica, as my boys are really into the Greek Mythology stuff. It was a great spot for pictures

parthenon in nashville

Nashville Parthenonparthenon in nashvilleparthenon in nashvilleparthenon in nashvilleparthenon in nashville

parthenon in nashville touring nashville

nashville downtown

Sadly, no Deacon or Rayna at The Bluebird Cafe

bluebird cafe


I then went OUT OF THE WAY to stop by the Mormon Temple in a suburb of Nashville, snapped a shot, then we headed out…just a few hours away from my brothers home.

nashville tennessee temple

We actually stopped into Knoxville, just to see what the downtown looked like. We needed a bathroom break, and I looked on my Road Trippers Ap to see what was cool there, and saw this giant gold ball in a park, and thought that was perfect. This is something we would have never done so impulsively on a rushed drive with my husband. I had to fight my inner hurried self to just stop and see the sights a little.

downtown knoxville

rock wall

knoxville tennessee

After Knoxville, we were just an hour from my brother’s house, almost to our destination!!

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