We all Want to Feel Heard

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The title of this episode stems from our chat about parenting AND social media. As a child, you want to feel heard by your parents, and of course as parents we want our kids to HEAR us! In social media, (and in parenting) we all need more connection and less isolation. Anna and I talk about all of this in our chat.

Anna runs @KidsAreTheWorst which is a humor community of parents sharing, @ThingsAreTheWorst, and also shares media tips at @AnnaIsTheWorst

>>>We talked about the e-book guides that she put together about media and cell phones, which they are great resources for parents. They are all about developing stronger, healthier relationships with the Internet and social media through guided discussions, information, and plans that everyone signs.

  1. Get Smart: (Ages 3+)
  2. Let’s Talk: (Teens on social media)

CLICK HERE to read all about both books and purchase them.

Lots of talk on technology! Our kids are saturated with screens.

Favorite parenting book (which is actually a business book): Never Split the Difference, by a man who is a crises negotiator, he shares how to talk to people so they can understand.

Favorite Scripture: Perfect love casteth out fear

Motto she loves: First it’s hard, then it’s easier, then it’s fun.

4 Things she wants for her kids:

  • Hard Worker
  • Be Kind
  • Respect your Body
  • Close to God

She expounds on this in our chat.

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Anna is the Worst


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