Welcome to the Neighborhood Pineapple Gift + Printable

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When I moved into our neighborhood four years ago, we were given a fresh pineapple as a welcome gift. I had learned that it was a symbol of hospitality, and I thought it was such a great and simple gift. Today I’m shearing a Welcome to the Neighborhood Pineapple gift + printable gift idea.

Welcome to the neighborhood gift

We just had a new neighbor move in,

and I wanted to give a pineapple as a gift, with a little info about our family as well. I think it is helpful when introducing yourself to have something written down. I jotted down all of our kids names and ages, and our phone numbers as well.

I made up this silly little rhyme to go along with it, I think it’s a fun way to say WELCOME!  Here is an up close picture of the printable, that comes 4 on a page. Download here.

Pineapple gift idea

{download printable}

{thanks to C dot Love for creating my vision for me!}

So if you’ve got someone new to your neighborhood, print off this little picture, grab a pineapple, and you’ve got an easy gift!

If you want to go the EXTRA mile, you can also print off the recipe for Hawaiian Meatballs or Hawaiian Haystacks, and they’ve also got a meal idea to use their pineapple for!

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