Winter Photo Booth Props

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These Winter Photo Booth Props add a ton of fun to any holiday gathering. Kids and adults alike will love taking fun photos with these winter themed printables.

Winter Photo Booth Props

I have loved sharing photo booth props for every holiday and I wanted to add one more to the collection, this fun set of Winter Photo Booth Props!  I have a fun set of Christmas photo booth props that I love that are already available on my site.  But I wanted to create this set that could be used at a school Winter party.  Some schools have restrictions on using Christmas themed items, so I wanted a set for everyone to use.  And if you school allows Christmas themes, you can print out both sets for twice the fun!

Printable Winter Photo Booth Props

Each of the images included above are available as an individual 8×10 PDF.  You can print out all of them or just choose the ones that work for you.  These were designed by Kiki from Kiki & Company.  I am so grateful for her for designing these wonderful printables for me!

Snowman Photo Booth Props

Reindeer and Hot Cocoa Photo Booth Props 

Winter Hat and Gloves – Red

Winter Hat and Gloves – Blue

Christmas Light Photo Booth Props

Happy Holidays Photo Booth Props


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