#16 Work Life Balance: Raising Kids and Running a Magazine

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Finding Work Life Balance While Raising Kids and Running a Magazine

Jeanette Bennett Disusses her work life balance.  She runs her own business, juggling multiple magazines. After starting Utah Valley Magazine she then branched off with Utah Valley Bride Magazine.  She is also the mother of 5 kids.  They range in age from 5 – 20.  And I love picking her brain about all things parenting.

She shares her favorite business books with us which led to the discussion on how running a family is just like running a business, they go hand in hand!

Work Life Balance


Raised the 2nd of 7 kids, her dad was her high school teacher! See how that was for them!  Then as an adult, from getting her masters degree as a young mom, teaching at a University, ambitious business skills, and managing it all for 20 years.

I love the story she told about a mistake she felt she made when she went to school with her daughter to share her spotlight of the week. I think all parents can relate!

Also, I love their Sunday phone rule!  We need to adopt this in my family!

You’ll have to listen to see how we are related, too, but we still haven’t met in person!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from our chat:

“Your actions are evidence of what you truly want.”

“See a nee, fill a need.”

“Your house is a factory, not a museum. You are raising and creating kids, it’s going to be messy.”

Head to KristenDuke.com for the show notes about her favorite books, favorite family games, and meal.

Beyond Good Intentions: Work Life Balance with Jeanette Bennett

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Jeanette’s favorites!

Favorite family games:

{Three that our family loves, too!}

Favorite books:

  • The Color Code
  • Love Languages
  • Good to Great

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