#49 Working Through Grief

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Today I’m sharing the Beyond Good Intentions podcast interview with my husband about working through grief. It took a little bit for him to warm up in our chat, but am very grateful for his willingness to share with the world his thoughts on working through grief after his brother passed away two weeks ago.

Working Through Grief

I’m delighted to share with you a conversation with my husband today. Even though we are chatting about grief, it’s lighthearted. It’s subdued in the beginning, but not heavy. It’s hopeful and introspective as we share our thoughts on the recent passing away of his younger brother.

We discuss how we each grieve, what we appreciate hearing from others offering their condolences, and how grief isn’t just about death.

Listen on iTunes or right here by pressing PLAY:

In our chat we reference my Instagram account where I shared a lot of thoughts before and after his brother passed away (and currently still saved in the highlights under “Steve”). In our chat, I also spoked about a few other blog posts on my website:

I invite you to join the follow up discussion on Instagram (@CapturingJoy.KristenDuke) and share your thoughts on this episode!



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