25+ Ideas to Exercise with Kids

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It’s summertime, and I’m so excited to go on adventures, make some crafts, and bake some goodness with my kids. We’ve made a list of 50+ ideas to help make  our summer FUN, most taken from my FUN WITH KIDS Pinterest board, but we’ve made our own list of something else to do this summer.  I’ve also discussed with them that I would like to have exercise days, too, and they were ON BOARD to 3x a week all together (I’ll do 3 more on my own as I’m trying to tone up with weights). I love the idea of getting my kids involved in exercising, and they are at ages that they like it, and recognize how good it is for them.

Exercising with kids for workout

We started today and did a circuit workout.  I pinned a bunch to my Pinterest Exercise Board, so check them out. We first did THIS ONE.

I shared this picture on Instagram and Facebook of my kids doing some of the exercises this morning, and asked for more ideas, so I got the idea to share that list, to help inspire others to exercise with their kids this summer, too!  I aim for 20-30 minutes of constant moving with the kids.

Most of these are free, or can be done at home.

Here is the list that I already had in mind, plus what readers shared:

  1. Mom runs while kids run or bike ride along side
  2. Swim Laps at the pool
  3. Circuit workout in house, driveway, or backyard
  4. Family bike ride (I pull my youngest in trailer behind)
  5. High school or middle school track and do bleacher runs
  6. Run around the track at a school (little ones likely play in middle field)
  7. Backyard Soccer or kickball
  8. Wheelbarrow races (we have one, borrow another)
  9. Relay races (frog jumps, crab walk, wheelbarrow, etc),
  10. shoot hoops on the driveway
  11. hopscotch at the elementary school or chalk on driveway
  12. Freeze tag, when you are frozen, jog in place
  13. Hiking on a trail
  14. Sprints up and down  your street, Little ones tally times gone
  15. Jump rope and jumping jacks alternate
  16. Dance party
  17. Tennis
  18. Yoga (Cosmic Kids and Yoga Kids were recommended to me, never tried them)
  19. Trampoline tricks
  20. skipping and speed walk alternate
  21. hopping backwards
  22. create an Obstacle course in backyard
  23. Walk to the store or along a trail
  24. Just Dance on the Wii
  25. Roller skate in the neighborhood or at a rink

Someone also left a link for 25 Exercise Games and Fun Indoor Activities to get kids moving, so check that out, too!

activities with kids this summer

Of course you’d have to cater each one to your family. If you have little ones, some might be trickier. My 5 year old likes to imitate us, and does pretty well for 20-30 minutes hanging out if she doesn’t want to actually do it. It’s still important for those little ones to SEE exercise, even if they aren’t actually doing it!

I made a little something that you can print out, show your kids, and have them help you pick what you’ll do each time! Just shake it up and have fun!



If you’ve got more ideas, leave ’em in the comments!

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