Annual Couple Gallery Wall

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I’m delighted to introduce you to my favorite DIY Twins, the Lolly Jane girls! Ok, they are not just my favorite twins, they are some of my favorites, period. I called these girls when I was refinishing my kitchen table, and continue to do so for any paint distressing tips I need. Their site is filled with all kinds of modern craftiness, and I love how thoughtful they are with styling pictures, too. I’ve been to Kelli’s home in Arizona, and saw for myself just how fabulous of a D-I-Y’er she is, in person!

Decorating with photos

The twins were living in different Arizona cities, but I just learned, they will no longer be separated, but in each others back yard. Just adore those two. Check out this project they are sharing with us on the Decorating with Pictures series.

I am in LOVE with this fabulous idea of making an annual couples gallery wall, in the Master Bedroom. I am a big fan of not having kids pictures up on the Master bedroom wall–just a thing I have.


See more details, when you head on over to Lolly Jane to see the Annual Couple Gallery Wall Idea!

While you are there, you MUST check out two of my favorite projects of theirs:

Fabulous Craft Room Tour // Chalkboard Any Surface, Any Color

Lolly Jane Projects

To see all of the images in the Decorating with Pictures series this month, click on the link, and scroll down halfway to the thumbnails. I’ll be adding them as the month goes by.

How to make a gallery wall of family photos

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  1. Carol says:

    I wish these guest posts were right on your blog. It seems you have to click several times to actually get to the post you want. Also when you scroll down the posts what are those distracting video clips at the bottoms of all the photos?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Hi Carol! It’s a way for my friends to get featured on my site, and still have those following head to their sites as well. The ads are how I’m able to give you free content, and can’t always choose what comes up. Sorry they distract you!

    • Cassidy says:

      I also find it really annoying when I have to click over to the blog, especially since I don’t always have time to check it every day so I’m clicking to this blog, to the featured blog, back to this blog and to the next featured blog, to get caught up. I understand the point of them getting clicks too, it’s just annoying.

  2. Thanks for having us, Kris!! XOXO

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks for sharing your greatness, friends!

  3. Lanie says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Do you have books or workshop to edit photos like magazines?
    I love hiw you edit your pictures. Do you use particular presets?