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Welcome to the 5th installment of Decorating with Pictures, where I gather my creative friends to help you in the quest to Decorate your Home with Family Pictures.  It’s something I’m very passionate about, and my goal is to help you get your family photos off of the computer, and out into your homes, and incorporate them into your decorations. How to make a gallery wall of family photos

Studies show that children have a higher sense of confidence, and self esteem when they come from a home that helps them feel safe and secure. There are many ways to help children feel loved and wanted, but I feel strongly that displaying their cute faces around our homes really helps to build them up, and feel that sense of security as part of a family team. Kids LOVE to look at pictures of themselves, and I believe it sends an intrinsic message to them that they are more important than any other “thing” we may have, to proudly frame their faces on our walls.

It’s not just in family spaces that I’m talking, too. Think about placing a picture of you and your child by their bedside, or on their desk so they can get a glimpse of that individualized love. Imagine that being the last thing they see as they drift off to sleep each night.

Moms, make sure YOU get in the pictures, too! I’m a big advocate of moms getting out from behind the camera, and in front of the camera, and BE IN PICTURES WITH YOUR KIDS!  A few years ago, I had a mission to get moms to capture the joy in front of the lens. Make sure they have documentation of you from their younger years to reflect on when they are older. They need to see those photos of you loving, squeezing, and adoring them. Don’t let yourself give excuses about your weight, no make up, or crazy hair, just be present…and document it.

It doesn’t even have to be professional pictures up on your walls, I’ve got lots of ideas in this series that includes using Instagram and everyday pictures in your decor as well, such as this wall sized bulletin board, decorating with SILLY pictures, and everyday pictures displayed.  This month, I’ll introduce you to 15 creative friends that will share how they Decorate with Pictures in their homes.

Here are the creatives that you’ll be seeing ideas from:

Be sure to check out their other fabulous ideas on their sites!

In the meantime, you can flip through all of the past shares, from other creative minds in the Decorating with Pictures series I’ve done in the past 4 years.  You can also click on that link anytime throughout the month to see the most recent shares!

How to create a gallery wall

When I go to a friends home, one of my most favorite things to do is to walk around and look at their family pictures. I get a glimpse into the joy of their family, by doing so. I used to worry that I had too many pictures of my family around my home, and that people would think there were too many pictures around, but what do I care??? It’s my home, I’m here 100% of the time, they are here 1% of the time. We gotta do what we love, right?

Here are a few of my favorite photo displays in my home where I have decorated with pictures:

 Turn Vintage windows into Picture Frames

Diy photo wall gallery

Repurposed Giant Frame (come see the BEFORE!)

Decorate your home with pictures

How to Make Metallic Canvas Pictures

Decorate with Photos

Be sure to tune in all month long to see the various creative ideas shared, and please feel free to help me spread the word by pinning the top image on this post or the collage above, or right here! Pick your favorite!

How to decorate with photos


As the contributors share, I’ll post links right here, so you can see them all in one spot! (Please do not add in your own links, as this is a summery of the series) Click on each to see it closer.



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