Talking with a Therapist about Anxiety and Self Care

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Leigh is a therapist specializing in Women’s health. In this podcast episode, we talk a lot about self care as well as anxiety which plagues so many people young and adult alike.

She says, “Depletion is probably the largest pre cursor to depression and anxiety. Self Care is SO important!” When you’re stressed, your body shuts down.

Talking with a Therapist about Anxiety and Self Care

Leigh introduced to me The Resiliency System:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Compassion
  3. Self Talk–not all of your thoughts are accurate
  4. Self Care–having benevolent feelings about our bodies instead of frustration

She shares about a program she is developing called Worrier to Warrior.

Leigh’s Instagram: @TakeCareOfMom

Books she mentioned:

  • Brainstorm by Dan Seagull (could not find on Amazon)

Leigh spoke about the antidote to Fear—TRUTH. We all have to search for those truths and those truths lead us to believe we can be resilience.

The 2 terrible thoughts:

  • I’m not enough (the core of depression)
  • Me or my loved one isn’t going to be ok (anxiety)

I do have what I need to thrive and get through hard things.

Teach our kids: Be able to count on themselves to get through the hard things in life. Thats how we grow.

What lifts shame is how when we talk about things, we can hear the irrational beliefs in them.

To listen to Leigh share with our teen friends about this topic, head to episode #7 of the Fist Bump Podcast just for teens.

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