Podcast for Teens

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A podcast for teens, while offering a virtual fist bump of encouragement.

Podcast for Teens // Fist Bump with Kristen Duke

Welcome to the Fist Bump podcast, I’m Kristen Duke, and with this podcast, I aim to share positivity and encouragement to teenagers. Virtual FIST BUMPS on the daily through this podcast and Instagram @FistBump.Podcast

Why Podcasts for Teens

  • they need encouragement
  • they are modern and love podcasts
  • they are awesome

For the past year, I’ve run a parenting podcast called Beyond Good Intentions .  I decided to start this second podcast just for teens because I think they could use some extra encouragement and positivity. Trust me when I say this decision did not come lightly. It came like a bolt of lightning that this is some I NEED TO DO, so I’m moving forward with faith in doing so.

How to Listen to Podcasts

A year ago, I wrote a blog post outlining how to listen to podcasts and you can follow those instructions on how to follow a podcast. It seems to take adults a minute to figure out this world (myself included!) but teens figure it out quickly!

You can listen to the 7 minute introduction by clicking the PLAY BUTTON below, or download/subscribe on:

Thanks for checking this out…I’d love you to listen, share, offer suggestions for future discussions, and come back for more!

Podcast sponsor

Amazon will be a podcast sponsor. As I share some of our family favorite things, and as you share your favorite things with me, I will include them in the store!  If you start at my Amazon store, and purchase ANYTHING on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking (not even what we share) it helps this podcast thrive.

See my store and favorites by clicking on the logo below:

Amazon Store

Don’t be shy, and message me for anything (email or Instagram)! I want to get to know you. I’d also be grateful if you share this logo or link to Facebook, Instagram, or even PIN THIS IMAGE below!

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