Back to School Dinner: Better Together

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Plan a back to school dinner for your family with the “Better Together” theme focusing on your family as a TEAM.

back to school family dinner

I’m a big fan of the back to school dinner. I’ve been doing it for years, and I try to make a fun decorated event of it. Maybe the kids are less excited about going back to school, and this is a great way to kick off the year.

I got most of the decorations at Party City, but lots are also on Amazon! I wished I had pom poms, but alas! You can plan ahead with this kit I found on Amazon:

Back to School Dinner Theme Ideas:

better together family theme

Back to School Dinner: Family TEAM

I love the idea of our family being a TEAM. There are so many great connectors between teem sports and families. Here are a few of the ideas that I printed up and laid out at the back to school dinner table.

  • TEAMS cheer each other on
  • Different TEAM players have different strengths
  • TEAMS use losses to become stronger
  • As a family TEAM we can accomplish more
  • TEAMS encourage each other
  • TEAMS communicate regularly
  • We all work together for a common goal
  • TEAMS practice problem solving tactics
  • TEAMS have patience for others shortcomings

Isn’t that amazing once you see it all typed out???

I gathered some of these ideas from my friend Kimberley when she shared about this TEAM concept on Instagram just before our dinner. Find her at @TheShirleyLife

Our family is a Team


We have TEAM meetings each night at the family dinner table, and I loved talking about what it means to be a TEAM with all of these points. I emphasized that we are BETTER TOGETHER even when we are apart. Since my son Tyler will be moving out, and heading out to be a full time missionary, it was important to emphasize that we can still be a TEAM across the miles.

I got these TEAM DUKE shirts when we traveled for our Kauai family vacation last summer on my 4oth birthday, and I’ve loved to wear them sporadically with my family. I thought it was perfect to print this picture to remind us that we are a TEAM, and it’s now hanging in my home. Check on etsy to make a custom shirt for your family TEAM!

back to school family dinner theme

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