Boy Scout Eagle Project: Soccer Supplies for Ghana

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Did you hear that we are officially headed to Ghana soon? Besides the adventure of traveling to Africa, my son is working on his Boy Scout Eagle project there, and will build soccer goals at a local orphanage. We have been collecting soccer supplies the past month for that as well!  I’ll be sharing some posts here and there in the next few weeks, but I asked some of my fabulous creative friends to help me out and share some posts for you, so you’ll be introduced to them. Be sure to click on over to their sites and check them out, and follow them if you love what you see!

My boys started in cub scouts, and have been working on Boy Scout merit badges the past few years. When I realized in December that my oldest, Tyler, advanced to his Life rank (just before Eagle) and could officially begin a project. I probably wouldn’t have worried about it too soon, except that we had plans to go to Ghana to visit my parents, and I thought….”How great would it be if we could do something THERE!”  We have been working with Stacy from Ghana Make a Difference about a bunch of ideas, and when she asked if Tyler liked soccer, his eyes LIT UP!  It wasn’t what I was thinking, but it got him really excited (he wondered why he needed to do something there, why can’t he just do something here?) so I got excited!  Along with building soccer goals there, we collected soccer supplies here at the end of May.

Boy Scout Eagle Scout Projects idea

A few weeks before that, his boy scout troop met at our home to spread out and pass out fliers between about 3 neighborhoods that feed into his middle school. We made 1300 fliers, and they got them passed out in about 2 hours!



Our family organizing 1300 fliers by 100’s.


prepping fliers for eagle scout project

Conducting the flier effort, it’s not his favorite to get up and talk in front of others, I like how this stretched him.

boy scouts

We waited until each driver had a group, and the 4 of us were the leftovers and went to the houses near our home.


delivering fliers

On donation day (mentioned in the fliers) our family waited at our community center and some on the corner nearby reminding people to come on over.


ghana soccer supplies

We got lots of supply donations, and even some monetary. It was great to see both friends we knew and those we didn’t show up to support the cause.

soccer supplies


donation table

It’s been a great project, anxious to get to Ghana and work on the rest!

Boy Scout Eagle Project with Soccer

If you are interested in donating a few dollars, we are still lacking a little in funds. Click on the image below to donate $1 or $5!


Soccer Letter

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  1. Oh this is so cool!! God be with y’all on your trip!

  2. What a great idea. When I went to ghana with BYU…… we saw kids playing with soccer balls made of duct tape and newspaper. They LOVE LOVE soccer over there so what a great idea. I didn’t realize what a need there was in Ghana for anything (especially in the villages rather than the city) I wish we had known that to organize a drive before we went. BYU and some local hospitals donated medical supplies so we didn’t show up empty handed but it wasn’t done by the students. Once we got there one of the girls parents came to visit and they brought a soccer team new jersey’s for soccer and the kids were of course in heaven. Can’t wait to see pictures from your trip.