Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

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Looking for some great Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys in your life?  It can be so hard to surprise our kids, and asking them what they want takes some of the fun out of it, so I asked my teenage son for ideas to share with you!  Here are some great gift ideas for 2019!

Gifts for Teen Boys 2019

  • Fly Salt Shooter–Because why not??
  • Camping Stuff–Any teen boy needs a great sleeping bag
  • Ukelele–This is such a popular item amongst boys and girls
  • Sunglasses–Can always use another pair.

Clothing Gift Ideas for boys

  • Hoodies–Can’t go wrong with a solid hoodie
  • Cool Hat–My teen boys love these sports hats
  • Vans–Comfy casual
  • Slides–Especially for the sporty teen, casual after being bound in exercise shoes

I love to get silly socks as well as some decorative socks for all my boys as well

Technology Gift Ideas for Teenagers

  • Exercise watch (2 types below)–My teen boys are all about tracking their running and sports, these are great for that.
  • Wonderboom speaker–Listen to the music in a group!
  • Nintendo Switch

  • Air pods–the newer and the older version, you pick!
  • Headphones–A few different types with different price ranges.

Echo Dot + plug–My kids have loved having these in their rooms for alarm clock, music, reminders, etc. And the wall plug is so nice not to have it take up space on a surface.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys 2019

  • Fly Salt Shooter
  • Camping Stuff
  • Ukelele
  • Sunglasses
  • Hoodies
  • Cool Hat
  • Vans
  • Slides
  • Exercise watch
  • Wonderboom speaker
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Air pods
  • Headphones
  • Echo Dot

So if you are one of those that need some Christmas gift ideas for teenage boys, I hope you found something that caught your eye!  If you are looking for some smaller gift ideas, check out my ideas for Stocking Stuffers and the guide for Christmas Gift idea for teen girls 2019!

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