Red, Green, and Gold Christmas Mantel 2014

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Today, I bring you, our Red, Green, and Gold Christmas Mantel!  It’s a fun creative process for me to decorate a mantel. It can also be a frustrating process, too. Here is my mantel a few years ago. I want it to be….just….so.  Here is a quick glance at my little creation.

Red, Green, and Gold Christmas Mantel

For the first 9 years of my marriage, I didn’t have a mantel. I know, such a sob story.

However, the past 4 years, I’ve had a gorgeous mantel, and I’ve loved to decorate it for each holiday! I always figured I’d do the same thing year after year, for Christmas. Then I started shuffling things around. At the center of my mantle this year is a HUGE wreath, that I originally planned to hang outside my home, but it never happened. I set it on our mantel to just get it out of the way while I unpacked Christmas decorations, and I kinda liked how it looked up there. So I put some ornaments on it, and ended up building the decorations around it.

fun and colorful Christmas Mantel


Christmas Mantel 2014A BIG challenge I have for my mantel is there are 2 electrical sockets right in the middle. The builders thought it was a good spot for a TV, I thought otherwise. So I am always trying to work around that. I often have a center canvas or frame that covers it up, but this time, they were right in the middle of the wreath. I decided to pull out the paint I used on the wall, and painted a big piece of it to cover up the plugs, and the circumference of the wreath covered the edge of the poster board I used. You can’t tell, can you?

Jingle All the Way Mantel

I didn’t actually make a whole lot of the decorations around my mantel, cute things I’ve found in the past, mixed with a few I found this year. The red and white striped candles and holly in the gold Mason jar were found at Hobby Lobby this year, along with the gold Christmas tree.  My sister in law made me the fabric Christmas countdown chain last year, and my husband built the sled on the bottom, more info on that, soon!

I like to keep a basket of children’s Christmas books around, so my kids can easily flip through them. Then, below the mantel is my olive wood carved nativity that I purchased in Jerusalem the summer before I was married.

My mantel is always bright and fun, and I love how it turned out this year!

I’ll be sharing more of my home Christmas decorations on Thursdays, so stay tuned!

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