Christmas Tree Farm Family Pictures with Buffalo Plaid

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Merry Merry Christmas! I’m sharing this post about our Christmas Tree Farm Family Pictures with Buffalo Plaid, and leaving it up for a bit, and taking a big break!  So here’s the deal. I didn’t necessarily need family pictures, right? I shared my Christmas card a few days ago, from the family pictures we took in May in Southern Utah. But there was an opportunity for a Christmas shoot, and I seized it!

Family Photography

I’m grateful that I have photographer friends who love to swap shoots with me!  When my friends Heather and Tricia suggested the 3 of us go to a Christmas Tree Farm and swap family pictures, how could I turn that down?  I thought it would a great memory for Christmas 2014!  I found most of our clothes from Old Navy–some online, and some in store. (I love that I can return in store what doesn’t work out from my online purchases, I may over-buy).  Putting these clothes together with such a prominent pattern was probably the post difficult clothing to date! But I’m happy with how it all turned out, putting the clothes together is a fun creative process for me. Until the night before, I almost wore a black skirt with red or black tights. Decided on the red pants in my closet, and happy I did! My boys seriously love me, that I pick out things for them to wear that they don’t normally.  I wish they would! They will at least be in their closets now for those days that they need to be a bit fancier.

The sun kept coming and going from behind the clouds, so they color temperature is all over the place! I love how they turned out, I’m grateful we did it!

Tricia and Heather took all of these, but I edited them and put my watermark on them.

I’ll stop chatting now and leave you with my favorites!

Photography for family photos

braiding hair at family pictures

family photos in red and black


Family photos

My girls are so sweet. They love to ham it up, and have fun with pictures. My boys are great sports and are silly with each other, which ends up looking nice and happy. They cooperate nicely! Love this shot of my girls. I’m so grateful they have each other.

sisters at family photo shoot

family pictures

After these shots, there was an “incident.” My youngest was tired of walking slow, so she skipped ahead. Her sister tried to pull her back to place, and she retaliated with a slap, then there was a push. Then some grumpiness ensued. My oldest daughter was a trooper, but the youngest couldn’t hide her frustration. Not having a sister, I didn’t realize that just because there is lots of love between my girls, doesn’t mean there isn’t fighting, too!

sad picture face

A little tiff, led to some tears

mom hug


I love me some candid shots!

family love in pictures

husband and wife in photos


star on the christmas tree

siblings in family photo

christmas party fashion with buffalo plaid


christmas tree farm photos


hauling off the christmas tree at the farm


Merry Christmas! So grateful for these fabulous friends of mine!

photographer friends

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