Colorful Playroom Wall Gallery of Pictures

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In closing this Decorating with Pictures series this year, I’m sharing a spot in my home that I’ve recently added photos into my home decor. I shared a year ago, one of my playroom walls with pictures, and it’s taken me this long to create the other wall, though it’s been in my head all this time!  I used the pictures from our family paint fight last year.

Photo wall ideas

I’m very happy with how this all came together, and I pretty much just painted and hung them up all last night.

I used frames from Cut It Out, and I’ve got a little giveaway going on for all of you, too!  I’ve actually had the frames for a good month, knowing I wanted to post this wall at the end of February, but still waited ’til the last minute to do it. Problem.

animal home decor

I am kinda in love with this orange rhinoceros wall mount. My husband and boys kinda hate it. I don’t get it, it’s fun and quirky, why not??  Do you love him or hate him? Either way, I don’t care, I love him!

I ordered these prints from Black River Imaging months ago, and I couldn’t even remember what I got until I pulled them out. Of course I didn’t realize that most of my prints were horizontal images, so just left a few frames empty, and I kinda like that look, too. Not sure if I’ll fill them or not now.

home decor photography

I planned to have my girls help me paint them, I love to include them in any project I can, and painting is kind-of no fail. However, since I waited ’til the last minute, I ran out of time, and they were at school. Lucky for me though, my 90 year old grandparents were in town, and I asked if they wanted to paint, and they jumped at the idea!  They had so much fun, and were quite helpful, so it was great all around.


grandparents painting unfinished wood frames

They started as unfinished frames. I love that, because I can paint them the exact colors I want! I really should have planned out better what I was painting, because some of them were double decker frames, but I didn’t.  I eyeballed the colors, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

cut it out

Grandpa was so happy to get in there and help me paint. He is a DIY man, and I remember growing up, when he came to visit, he was always helping my mom with home projects.  He kept saying, “Oh, this is going to look REAL nice.” As we painted. painting picture frames

Once I got them painted, I put a clear coat of gloss over them, and glued the doubles with some wood glue.  (They set about 2 hours with something heavy on top to really bond them together).

rainbow painted frames

I seriously LOVE the double look!organize frames on the ground before hanging

Here are the specific paint colors I used. Big from Hobby Lobby, I found the small at Joann, not sure if they are also at HL.

rainbow paint colors

For some reason, the orange and yellow had a harder time sticking, the green and blue were perfection.

Once I got the frames up on the wall, there were some spots that just needed a little something. I had the “LOVE” and arrow marquee lights, but they were a rust color (found at Michael’s).  I had planned to paint them, but just wasn’t sure where I was going to put them. They fit perfectly into the spots I had here!  The paint had a tough time sticking, and I stood in my freezing cold garage with it cracked open about a foot, then my husband got all worried that the fumes from the spray paint would set off the water heater pilot light in the garage, and kaboom. So yeah, I stayed up late to let it air out all the way so that I could sleep ok. I texted a few friends to see if they thought it was a concern (Landee, Lolly, 1825) and we had a pretty funny exchange going on about how I should give them all of my passwords just in case my house blew up…fortunately, I’m here to tell the tale, so all is well.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Photography wall of pictures

You can also see the tin foil table anchoring the frames, that used to be in my office.

vintage blue toy truck

I found that vintage blue toy truck in my grandma’s basement after she passed away. I brought it home with me, and have been waiting for just the right spot for him to park.

Photo Wall

If you’d like to see more images of our Family Paint Fight or the other Playroom Gallery Wall, click on the links!

Now, how about a giveaway? I’ve got $100 for a lucky winner to spend at Cut It Out!
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