Paint Fight Family Pictures! {Our Christmas Card}

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I’m so excited to finally share with all of you our Paint Fight we had for family pictures nearly 2 months ago! I wanted to do this a year ago, but we had just taken our fun at-home pictures, so I have  been waiting…it was SO much fun, and I encourage all of you to get out of the “posed picture box” and do something fun!

Paint fight for family pictures

The reason I keep them hidden is because I get excited at the element of surprise when my friends and loved ones open the Christmas card I send–I don’t want them to have already seen the pictures before the card, so I keep the images under lock. and. key. I’ve heard from several of my closest friends that the cards arrived (and that their girls were very worried about the paint coming out of our hair) so it’s safe to share now. I’m also excited to share about my card design and where I had them printed with a discount code for you, too!

My friend Tricia at Dunlap Portrait was our photographer, and we even had our friend Tui Leauanae here to catch some video (he also took/edited my Beginner Photography Workshop Video).

I went to our local Savers thrift shop to buy all white stuff, and got the boys some very light khaki pants. I probably spent $25 total for all of our clothes. I also got handkerchiefs at Hobby Lobby, we were each assigned a color of paint that coordinated with the handkerchief. I made a rosette necklace with mine. We first took some up in the treehouse my husband built over the summer….

treehouse family pictures

…then we ventured to an open field down the street and started to paint. I filled mason jars up with paint, and got some cheap paint brushes. I didn’t tell the kids ahead of time what we were doing…

family pictures

I suggested they simply splatter our family canvas with the paint, so we flicked it. They had fun, “trying” not to get paint on them. I told them to be very careful not to get paint on their clothes. Then (in the bottom right corner pic) I got my sneaky face on (whispered in the 4 years olds ear what I was doing so she wouldn’t get scared/freak out) and started to splatter them…

Paint Fight

That was fun!

Family Photography

Then the kids really got into it, but I had to remind them to just splatter, not dump or smear. Mean mom, has rules with the paint fight!

family painting

blue mason jar

paint a canvas

dumping paint

Kids painting

Paint Fight collage

mom and daughter picture

paint pictures

paint dip

family photography paint fight

Now to our card! I don’t do well with design, but I can take a template and manipulate it! I got my photoshop template from Melissa Davis Designs (subscribe to her newsletter, she often does 75% off sales!) On the inside I quote The Family Proclamation, and emphasized the importance of wholesome recreational activities by the family–isn’t that what this paint fight it all about???

Melissa Davis Designs Photoshop Template

I am so happy to review the Press Printed cards (with red colorful envelopes) and stickers from Black River Imaging Photo Lab.

black river imaging


It is the FIRST pro lab that I’ve heard of that offers colorful envelopes and that is HUGE for me, because I want my card to be extra exciting from the second it is seen from the mail box! BIG plus from me.

Black River Imaging Press Printed Cards

I also like to make my own labels, and I got stickers for the back (these types of stickers can be designed as you’d like for business products as well), kids faces on them, you name it. Generally pro labs like this request you to have a photography business to use their services, but contact them and get an account set up via their contact page, you don’t have to be a photographer to have an account. I got set up pretty quickly, and I really liked their ordering system organization. I ordered pearl card stock paper, which gives it a touch of glittery feel to it. When set up and ordering, use the coupon code: KJOY32 for 20% off of cards, stickers, color envelopes til the end of the year!

We had lots of fun, and now the huge canvas is up in our colorful game room as a reminder of that day. I’m going to print up some of these to hang around it, too.

painted canvas complete

My husband is AWESOME to support me in my crazy ventures!

paint kiss

Do you want to see how we decorated with these family pictures? I know you do! Here is a hint:


If you want to see the little video our friend made, click PLAY.

YouTube video

If you want to see our card and family pictures from LAST YEAR, with links to previous years pictures/cards, check it out! I still have a handful of cards to mail out to blog readers that send me a family picture! Mail to me at: P.O. Box #4085; Cedar Park, TX 78630

So what do you think, would you ever do a paint fight for family pictures??? Sounds F-U-N, or NO WAY!!



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