Connecting with Your Child

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Connecting with Your Child is one of the most important things we can do as a parent. Sharing 100 Ways to spend 10 Minutes together with this printable.

Connecting with your child

How to Connect with your Child

“Usually we think our communicating is with our words, but our non-verbal communication is so much more powerful.”

I’m delighted to share my interview with Alisa Van Langeveld, PhD on connection.

Alisa shared so many amazing tidbits of information in our chat about how to connect with your child. This has definitely become into one of my top 5 favorite interviews on the Beyond Good Intentions podcast. She is so knowledgeable on the topic connecting with your child, that I’m striving for daily with my children.

Connecting with your Kids

She is a researcher of CONNECTION, and she shares how we can be more connected with individual family members with 10 minutes a day of quality time. She calls this the sweet spot of connection. “Long enough to make it meaningful and short enough to make it do-able”, she says.

Alisa came upon this concept of 10 minutes a day connection years ago when chatting with a friend that asked, “How do I be a good parent in a nutshell?”

She had to ask herself in her own parenting as she found real life practice didn’t come as naturally as she thought, having all the research. She asked herself, “Where does the theory and research and real life converge?”

The answer: Connection.  Connecting with your child is the most important thing we can strive for as parents.

Connection Printable and Details

>>>Alisa made us an amazing printable to share, 100 Ways to Spend 10 minutes together !!!


Listen to the episode RIGHT HERE if you’d like, just press PLAY

Enjoy this adorable picture of Alisa and her sweet family


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