Cute and Colorful 2016 Desk Calendar

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I know we are a few days into 2016, and likely people have their calendar situations under control by now, but I had quite a few requests for a 2016 mini desk calendar, similar to the one my contributor Dawn shared last year. Since I no longer have contributors, and Dawn is busy doing amazing things, I thought I’d ask my fabulous designer Jessika, to whip up this cute and colorful 2016 desk calendar, catered after my own style–highlighting the holidays each month in a fun little way. I’m very excited about this, friends!


2016 fun and colorful free printable desk calendar. Makes a great gift idea! Reminder of all major US holiday!

A little note for those of you living outside the US, this is mostly catered to our holidays. I thought about providing another version, but I didn’t want to make it too complicated for my designer. There is a clock added in for Daylight Savings time, and WOW, does February have a lot going on in the first half of the month! Poor little August, had no major holidays to speak of, so I looked up to see what “random” holidays I could find, and I thought that August 10th needed to be commemorated, National S’mores Day!

When printing this PDF, there are 6 pages, 2 months to a page. When you cut them, they are about 5×7 in size. Perfect on the desk. I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to snag this first copy for her room, so I’ll print another for me. You can color in your own family birthdays with a balloon, customize it however you’d like.

printable holiday calendar 2016

I hope you enjoy, it makes a great gift idea for friends, too, just because! You don’t have to have a reason to gift something to someone you care about, or even someone you don’t know so well that may be on your mind lately. Just print, cut, tie it up in a bow, and pass it along!  You can find the mini wooden easels at local craft stores, or that Amazon (affiliate) link.

Download calendar here:

2016 Mini Calendar

Here is the calendar on my yellow custom office desk with my favorite little happy knick knacks (including my blue instax camera), fake colorful cupcake, strawberry wood, and London phone box welcoming the “new gal” mini easel and calendar with open arms.Free Printable desk calendar for holidays

If you’d like to see more of my colorful home office, check it out on the link!

Colorful Home Office with custom corner desk


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