Colorful Home Office Reveal

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It’s done! Hooray!

Sheesh, this room took the longest (from start to complete) just because I wanted it to perfectly represent MY personality because it is MY room. When we had just one computer, it was more of a family room, but since we moved into this home 3 years ago (when this room held our only computer) we’ve acquired a laptop, iphones, ipads, chrome book, etc. So, it’s no longer the place for everyone to gather, it’s become my space, which I’m grateful to have because I know this is not the norm.  I never thought I’d have an office for myself….I never thought I’d need one!

We could never decide on what to call this room, either. In my family growing up, it was the study. In my husbands home, it was the den. We went back and forth, and I finally honed in on calling it the office (not even a craft room), a place to store my business related stuff and the big computer, too. So welcome to my Colorful Home Office Reveal!  I love the turquoise, pink, green, yellow, and teal colors–so happy!

Colorful Home Office Reveal

The color palate was inspired by this room I saw quite a while ago.

If you remember, my husband build the yellow desk (for under $50) over a year ago.  My green armoire used to hold our old school television, then we upgraded and my husband  made our Sliding Barn Door TV cover, so the armoire found a home in my office.

That’s also when I covered a table in tin foil, and repurposed a giant frame (the “before” is hilarious!). A year ago!

tin foil table and giant frame

Here is a snippet of what it looked like 2 years ago, an armoire to hold my computer, with my papers and stuff often all over the phone (got a pic on a good day).

Office Before Shot

I repurposed the fabric I used at my daughters LaLaloopsey Party two years ago to drape on the fence/shutter window treatment as well as the whimsical hot air balloon craft in the left corner. Just finished the giant pink art canvas a few hours ago…love the pop it adds to the top of the armoire.

DIY office makeover

I’ve got my name on a mouse pad, working on my new photo session packaging, and I always have my hand written calendar out and open on my desk!

In the right corner (as you walk in) my sister in law made a dream catcher out of the same fabric, a vintage doily, feathers, and felt beads. I love it so much! Her etsy shop is Lumabluma Handmade, (custom orders with any fabric) but she also does a lot of sales through her Instagram account if you want to follow along.

picture collage

If you can’t tell from some of my recent posts, I’m slightly obsessed with shopping at World Market. I found this white metal 3 tier rolling cart there, and it was JUST the right piece I needed for that gaping hole of a space to the right of my green shelves (pssst, 25% off all furniture at World Market through 11/28, this cart included). I got this lamp at Target on clearance (it was dark orange) and covered it with white fabric, then a teal ruffle with my trusty glue gun! I’ve also got my hot pink camera bag hanging out below.  A girls gotta have a few…

World Market metal cart

Also found that hour glass sand timer there (on the shelf) and the bike (a while ago, spray painted white) and yellow vintage magnet clock below.  Do you love that kissy pic of Mr. Duke and I on our wedding day?

world market clock and bike

To the left of the shelves, is a drawer/file system I found at Ikea. It holds my supplies quite nicely!  I also transformed my kids baby crib spring into a photo and memorabilia holder! Spray painted the IKEA mirror frame yellow, and made a washi tape “K” because…it’s my room….remember?

ikea storage

I have lots and lots of albums and scrapbooks. More recently, I’ve used BLURB to create my digital albums, and very happy with the quality and programs. (affiliate link)

computer office

Look at this cute poem my (#2) son wrote last year, it stays close to me, too.

mom poem

I filled the room with colors, pictures, and knick knacks that make me happy.

austin bridge and pictures

Though it’s my goal to spend minimal time in here when my kids are home and awake, but when I am tapping away at the computer, I have incentives for my kids to hang around and chat with me. This candy jar is an example. Treats can only be taken when I’m in here, and they have to eat it in here and tell me something happy while they eat it. And don’t you just LOVE the Tootsie Roll colors?? My clients also get them with their packaging.  I’m not a candy lover, so it isn’t tempting to me.

tootsie roll candy jar

diy home office

Blue corner chair, I found that way at Good Will, globe from a garage sale years ago, spray painted an old camera white, and one of my favorite quotes available as a free printable.

globe and good will chair

I love this space so much, and really, it’ll never stay this clean, that’s not my reality, but I can try!  Here I am filming a little bit 6 months ago, you can tell I’ve added a few things since then.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.12.24 AM

office makeover

I have my computer faced towards the door, so my back isn’t towards the fam, and the giant frame of my kids–reminding me to not spend too much time on the computer!  We all need reminders…

Any questions? I’m sure I didn’t cover everything…

Do you have a favorite part/element of the room? I’d love to hear!

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