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Hi, I am Diane.  I blog at In My Own Style where I share all things affordable…decorative, colorful, and creative.

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I am a big fan of decorating with pictures, especially displaying photos of my daughters when they were growing up. Their smiling faces were on the pian0, the bookshelves, the walls, and I even had a gallery wall of their scribbles and artwork in my mudroom. I changed it out every few weeks.

I truly believe as Kristen does that when children see themselves in photos, alone as well as with friends and family, that it helps nurture and make them feel loved and special. I can attest to this since my two are all grown up and are happy and successfully out on their own.

When I became an empty nester, I wanted to redecorate the house for my new life without children living at home. It is only my husband Ed and I now and I wanted to simplify.

When I started the redecorating process, all the photos came down, so I could begin the process of redecorating. I took the photos out of the frames that they had been hanging in for years and placed them in photo albums.

Favorite family photos on display around the house

I kept two of my favorites out of the albums and had them made into wrap-around canvases. I placed them in one of the bookshelves in my bedroom. I blow them a kiss every time I pass.

Removing all the photos left me with a lot of empty frames, but being a DIY’er I kept the frames thinking, “I will use them again someday”. I didn’t do anything with them at first and then I got the idea to use just the frames to make a decorating statement in my house.


The first was to use a few of the frames and get mirrors cut to place in them. I created a 3D gallery wall in my guest room. A slight twist on the classic single mirror hanging above a dresser.

You can read how I created the gallery and the 3D effect over on my blog: How to Create a 3D Mirror and Frame Gallery Wall


Then I painted some of the frames and added my husbands and my initials inside a few of them to create more interest. This gallery is at the top of my foyer staircase.

To read more on how I hung and layered the frames ,you can find the post here: Picture Frame Gallery Wall with a Valentine Surprise.

I know some day I will add some smiling faces to the frames once again, but for now. I am enjoying the change in decor.

If you like affordable DIY, I’d love for you to come visit me sometimes over on my blog,

Thanks Kristen for inviting me to be part of this awesome series. XO


Thank you, Diane! I love the display of frame that can be used empty or with pictures sporadically placed inside. Love that side by side of your girls younger and older, and love that you blow a kiss at them as you walk by. I will admit, that kinda makes my eyes sting. Very sweet.

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