White Chocolate dipped Mickey Fruity Krispie Treat {Disney World}

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Over a year ago, our family had a Disney World adventure. I’ll admit, I’m not super into Disney stuff (unlike SO many people I adore and love) but it was a fabulous week spent with the family exploring the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and we even ventured to the competitor–Universal Studios.  While there, I found a most delicious treat, that when I left, I bought 5 “for later.” It was this white chocolate dipped mickey fruity krispie treat.

Disney World Inspired Mickey Fruity Krispie Treat, dipped in white chocolate

I don’t know what it is about these little guys, but it was a slice of heaven to me. As I kept devouring them (and hoarded a handful to take home) I though…this would be easy enough to replicate when I get home. So I gave it a try!

I found a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter on Amazon (link is affiliate), and mixed some Rice Krispie cereal with some Fruity Pebbles cereal.


I made them just like you would any ‘ole Krispie treat with half of one cereal, and half of the other, but put them in a jelly roll pan so they were thinner. I then let them solidify, and cut out the shapes once complete.

Mickey Mouse Treat from Disney World

Then once the shapes were cut out, the ears were dipped into melted white chocolate. Easy!  It’s a little piece of Disney World right at home!

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  1. These are so fun, Kristen! (They look really yummy too!)

  2. Kae says:

    I used the silicon Mickey head mold to make 8 dozen of the rice krispie treats. Because we made so many we melted the marshmallows in a crock pot and mixed all the ingredients and left the crockpot on low while filling the molds. It only took a minute or two for them to cool and pop out of the molds and be refilled. No waste as with cutouts.

    • Mary says:

      Can you please share the measurements you used. I’m planning my son’s 1st birthday party and would love to make Mickey treats. I need about 8-9 dozen as well, can you please also share th molds you used.
      Thank you in advance:)


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