Duct Tape Pumpkin Decoration

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I’ve got a fun kids duct tape pumpkin decoration to share today. Our bunch of 10 bloggers are so happy to be back, sharing with you 10 brand new ideas. This month we’ve turned our thoughts to the kiddos, since we’re missing the endless family time that summer brings. Our chosen theme is JUST FOR KIDS… 10 great ideas, all about kids. We’ve got recipes, crafts, and all-around great ways to bring the family together.

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Ok, so back to the pumpkin. I saw a rose made similar to this here, and thought I’d try to make a pumpkin with my daughter.  It’s a whimsical craft that kids will enjoy making. It will still take some help from mom or dad, but it’s a fairly quick craft that will take 10-15 minutes before painting. All you need are 4 supplies:

  • canvas (or wood)
  • any duct tape
  • pencil
  • spray paint

for halloween project

With a pencil, trace a rough pumpkin pattern. Remember, this is whimsical, no need to be exact. Ask your child if they want to draw it, or if they want you to draw it.

drawing on canvas

Then pull out the duct tape about 4 feet. This required another set of hands. Once stretched out, cut, then fold over the tape 2/3 of the way so that only 1/3 of the sticky is showing.  Then starting from the center of the pumpkin, start adhering the sticky part of the tape in a circular pattern onto the canvas.

duct tape craft pumpkin

pumpkin out of duct tape

Once the main part was rolled and completed, we stuck some up for the top part of the stem, and were all done!

pumpkin decoration for kids

You might be asking why I chose spring butterflies tape as the base, and it’s because it’s all I could find. I knew it was going to be painted so didn’t care what tape we used. My daughter has had a collection of duct tape to make crafts with for months now, but hasn’t used it much. I also ran out of orange spray paint, so the butterflies shows through a bit. I think it gives it m ore nice texture, so I’m ok with it, but if I had more paint (or primed it) the butterfly issue would be solved.


for halloween

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