Halloween Lunch Box Jokes

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Ok, I know, Halloween is a good 61 days away, but you need to plan ahead, right?  You need to started pinning all the stuff that you are GOING to do once it’s time, and these Halloween Lunch Box Jokes NEED to go into your Halloween Pin Board. You do have a Halloween pin board, right?  {Here is mine.} I know the stores and the bloggers have been sharing halloween stuff already, but I refused to even speak about the holiday until today, and I will not decorate for it until October 1st. It’s just a personal preference.

I’m obsessed with lunch jokes for my kids, and if you didn’t see the first set of Halloween lunch jokes, you much go grab those, too. In the meantime, there are lots of non holiday lunch jokes and brain teasers you can grab.

I just had a friend over the other day that used to live in my town, but moved to Dallas, and they came for a visit. She said to her kids, “tell Miss Kristen the best part of your lunches” and they said, “the lunch jokes!” I was surprised to hear that she got them from my site. She even got the kinder notes I shared a week or so ago. I didn’t even realize she reads my blog! It’s funny, the people I know, I don’t think they read what I share here, or if they do, they don’t really tell me, so I assume most don’t. So I’m grateful for all of you out there that comment every once in a while and tell me you are there! But if not, I’m just happy that the things I share are getting some mileage and love in your homes.

Would you just look at these CUTE jokes created by Jessika Reed Studios.

halloween ideas

I’m in love.

I can’t wait to drop them into my kids lunch boxes once October rolls around. They love them, and all the kids at their tables love them. Win-win. Simple print, cut, and stuff.

Here is a snippet of the first set of Halloween Lunch Jokes. Between the two sets, there are 20 jokes, 4 weeks of school in October!

Halloween lunch jokes

Here is a close up look of the jokes:

free printables for lunch box jokes


Today I’m over at Eighteen25 sharing Halloween Chocolate Waffle Cookies that I hope you will like, too. Head on over there to check it out!

Spooktacular September


You may also like the Bloody Brownies I shared last year

halloween dessert

Or this Scaredy Bones Printable (also in orange)

halloween print

If you love lunch jokes, see some of the others I’ve shared in the past: CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THEM!

lunch jokes

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  1. Yay more lunch jokes!! These are so so cute!!!

  2. Saving them to my Halloween board now!

  3. These are so great! My kids will love them, Kristen! Thanks for sharing! xo


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